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  1. This isn't a freedom of speech issue at all. Freedom of speech doesn't allow you to teach violence towards other individuals and never has. Anyone who legit thinks otherwise doesn't understand the first thing about free speech.
  2. Wasn't it the Pro-Trump group that was extremely anti-foreign lobbyist? Since when has lobbying in any form been ok, so long as it is your party that does it. Personally I don't want any foreign government intervening in the U.S. elections, whether it be Italy or Russia. In fact, I know several pro-trump supporters who claimed the SAME ISSUE, but over Hillary and her Saudi Arabian lobbyists. Both are countries that actively benefit from the downfall of the U.S., only difference is one is Muslim the other Christian. Also I say if he is found guilty (which I personally think isn't likely at all) of colluding with Russia in any way, then undermining the democratic system is an attack on the U.S. As for the discussion, if there is any evidence of treason it isn't likely we will see it under his administration it will likely be a Nixon situation when evidence came out that he actively interfered in the Vietnam War during LBJs presidency in order to delay it and get elected. Now if we do find serious and incriminating evidence against him during his administration, he will likely resign long before impeachment again similar to Nixon.
  3. That's true, but he did handle national security issues, one of which was an ongoing terrorist investigation mentioned in the article and unlike Hillary's emails there is actual proof that his email account was hacked exposing these kind of investigations. Moral of the story? It is ironic if you criticize someone for mishandling national security issues, when you in fact have done it yourself. It's like calling someone an [email protected]#$ for robbing a bank, when you yourself have robbed a small convenience store you both put someone in danger and are [email protected]#$ coming out of it. Honestly it's kind of sad that people are even trying to defend this.
  4. No, but he did criticize Hillary heavily for the same thing and was one of the "lock her up" people. Also I feel that if the current administration remains quiet on this issue then it is extremely hypocritical. Dial up is still around too, in fact 2.1 million Americans still use it
  5. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/02/pence-used-personal-email-state-business----and-hacked/98604904/ The irony is killing me right now.
  6. Ended up with Liberal. Economic -19, Cultural -36. Seems fairly accurate, though when you said that some questions are bad I didn't think you meant stupidly vague and confusing. Either way it was fun.
  7. It looks like the original owner made it private after a DMC take down. I believe this is an official upload https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELD2AwFN9Nc#t=35
  8. 1. Damn you got me there, totally just didn't cut an entire paragraph in half that mentioned how they wanted to avoid such a crisis to avoid exactly that scenario. Nope, didn't happen. You are right. Totally aren't just drawing at straws to make me say something I didn't. 2. Lol K. 3. No, you said and as I quote "We're sheltering a terrorist who bombed a civilian airliner. I think when Afghanistan did that we got pretty upset with them? Anyone remember? I think it might've been a war or something. I already admitted he's got good and bad qualities. If you actually "knew" what I wanted you might be accurate, but you don't so you just make some stuff up. Good job." Nothing about an Axis of Evil or the Bush Doctrine. Though you did mention the airliner, only to proceed onto how I "shouldn't be making things up" when mentioning how Cuba kills dissidents and imprisons its people.
  9. Look bud, since you only want to read words and sentences that allow you to defend against my point of view rather than understanding the exact argument that I presented then I will clarify to you exactly what point I made. In no way shape or form did I mention that the attempted assassinations on Castro did not occur before the Cuban missile crisis or that hostilities did not start until the cuban missile crisis, it was that U.S. war policy feared the cuban missile crisis scenario. Guess they weren't to far off either since it actually !@#$ing happened... I hope you don't send me to the Gulags for stopping you from arguing with me over something I didn't say. Also tip, unless you want to actually put in the time and effort of splitting up the quote just list things in a point by point basis outside the quote. Thanks. Are you actually trying to tell me that Cuba doesn't imprison or kill anyone who speaks out against the government and I'm making it up? That is a top meme. Next you will be telling me that Stalin and Mao didn't kill millions in crazed attempts to remain in power.
  10. Yeah technically so did !@#$ing Hitler, but we don't really remember him to fondly. I bet that the Cuban people where so glad that the current dictator liberated them from the previous one, such progress. Yeah, technically no one is a communist according to Marxism, because it basically demands that you live in a stateless society. Doesn't change the fact that he was a brutal dictator who imprisoned and killed his own people >Surprisingly diplomatic with the U.S. >Let's just ignore the cuban missile crisis >Just every day life in the 100% totally diplomatic cuba You know you are right. In fact lets praise North Korea's great leaders too, who in face of great economic problems have managed to stay around and while they have had their pretty negative contributions, really have helped improve overall literacy among North Korea and have such high approval within his country. Now here is the thing, the sanctions can't both be ineffective and cause economic problems. That's just not how those words work. I know you want to make it sound like Cuba somehow blossomed under the evil imperialist U.S. economic sanctions, but the people of Cuba where thoroughly !@#$ed because of them. Yeah doing fine, totally not still a brutal dictatorship that imprisons dissidents and kills anyone who speaks out against the government. Also find it pretty funny how you imply the fact that we are keeping people from being prosecuted in Cuba like it is a bad thing. Look bud, I'm going to enlighten you a bit on why Cold War diplomacy worked the way it did and why the U.S. was especially hard on Communism in the Americas, THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. The U.S. didn't want a soviet foothold so close to home. This is also why so many attempted assassinations occurred on Castro, they wanted to avoid exactly that. You want to know why relations are improving now? There is no soviet union breathing down on the U.S. threatening it's position as a world super power.
  11. Theoretically time travel does exist if you can survive getting close to a blackhole. Time will begin to slow down around you the closer you get to the center and if you manage to leave then you will have technically traveled into the future. Similar things happen if you manage to travel close to or at the speed of light.
  12. If I recall correctly the only leader in the west who stated that he was a great leader was the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (feel free to prove me wrong on that) and I think that's mostly due to his family ties with him. Either way, I personally disliked Castro a lot and feel that the world is much better off with him dead. We can only hope that Raúl Castro meets the same fate soon for Cuba to truly be liberated from their corrupt and harsh rule.
  13. Lol, well aren't you something. So someone disagrees with you and it gives you the right to be rude back? That's a quick way to kill any form of discussion. "My example is rudimentary, basic." This guy is far to edgy for me, seriously if your point is "It's so simple clearly if you don't understand my clearly superior opinion then I must treat you like some kind of child." Get out of here with that man, I understand your point I just disagree with it on almost a fundamental level. Also your argument keeps on centering around look at all these options humanity will have I swears! Even that is broken. Already people struggle finding drive to commit to anything in today's society because arguably there are far to MANY options. Human's suffer a psychological effect where if you are forced into to many choices then they simply chose none of them. A society that expanded upon that would likely cause a lazier and lazier human population. Thus as already mentioned before killing any purpose those people would have in life.
  14. "I'm sure you've just spend too much time on the internet around people who actually want to piss people off." and "You simply do not seem to be able to wrap your head around the fact that people can find meaning in working with things that aren't actually necessary." Nah, the way you are wording your arguments is very condescending, probably should work on that. As for saying that the work doesn't need to be necessary for someone to want to do it, because we have artists and music! Well I bring this to the table, the work of an artist or musician is important/necessary as a means of entertainment. Even then, it brings purpose to express that very artists feelings, ideas, thoughts. Now I admit not every work needs to have some life or death necessity in life, but in needs to bring a purpose or contribute something to the world. Someone must have a demand for their work. In this world, the man in your example going off to live in the forest to cut down trees has no demand for his work. " I don't think people want to live in a world there they don't have to do anything, I believe they want to live in a world where they are free to follow whatever meaning they create for themselves." So your solution to that is to remove any and all means to contribute any work outside the fields of art, science, and math? Great solution 10/10. I'm going to give them more options by removing options.
  15. As someone who leans slightly on the left, it's mostly due to people on the right being far more open about their opinions on this forum. Also I don't really have much of a problem with the large majority of right wing opinions. I like to read the rights opinions on issue if only to challenge my own views.
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