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  1. the extremely socialist republic of new jazztopia acknowledges the passing of weedsylvania's leader. ambassador maliciousonion has prepared this heartfelt statement:
  2. the management apologises for the lack of pictures and would like to offer the below image, which i'm sure you'll find satisfactory.
  3. excuse me this is my job. geoge soros may pay well but he expects results, and i take my duties very seriously
  4. please don't misattribute this poem. it's by the late mr baseball, may he rest in peace.
  5. yes, it is amazing that so much effort can achieve so little. i'm not at all bitter that my exposé on the secret bird shadow government wasn't published yet again.
  6. what if aa project made tanks usable in defense against planes instead? i know you want to link it to land but a. having more land would realistically be harder to defend, and b. it would make tanks more useful, and c. it means the defense can be dealt with over time
  7. dear alex i'd like to revisit the suggestion of embargoes being set at an alliance level for those who haven't read the original suggestion, here's the link. additionally, here's the link to the similar suggestion of being able to embargo entire alliances on a national level, which was approved now that we've got that out of the way, i'd like to address why i think this suggestion should be reassessed: first, the things that were mentioned in the original suggestion are still valid - alliance-level embargoes would be much more impactful and create more tension in cold wars and peacetime. second, the reasons alex originally gave are more or less countered by his reasoning in the nation>alliance embargo suggestion thread - namely, if a nation doesn't like the alliance's embargo policies, they can quit the alliance. this was mentioned in the original thread as well third, there has been some recent furore over embargo spam - enacting embargoes on an alliance level would drastically reduce the number of notifications a nation would get, and also reduce (or even eliminate) the possibility of embargoes being used for harassment fourth, alex states that alliance leadership should be monitoring and enforcing their embargo policies across their membership - this is an enormous amount of work for very little gain at the moment, particularly within larger alliances. currently, to check if nations are following embargo policy one has to go through the alliance's nation list. this involves two clicks and manually reading through a list of every embargo the nation has, per nation. in an alliance of 100+ members this is a ridiculous amount of work that needs to be repeated every time embargo policy changes. sincerely maliciousonion
  8. 1. lol 2. that's not what snitches means 3. pnw is no different to cn or eve or any number of other multiplayer games
  9. i think apocrypha ironically fits OP's post, though
  10. "snitches get stitches" is a phrase used by violent criminals, threatening physical harm on those who report them. is that really the position you want to take here? also, i have been reported by a goon for rulebreaking and received a warning for it.
  11. san fortunado has admitted to checking urbandictionary, where it being a transphobic slur is the first and seventh definition. despite admitting to knowing what the word means, and having been told that it is hurtful by an actual trans person, san fortunado has not displayed any remorse or made any attempts toreasonably discuss the situation. instead, they have used the supposed ambiguity of the word to double down on their edgeposting.
  12. accusing me of having a disorder? now you just need to tick off racism and you've got bigot bingo! i know what you sent me. it's why i said implied, because the implication is clearly there.
  13. @San Fortunado you implied to me in a dm that you intended your use of the word to mean "golf nerd". are you saying that your dm was incorrect and that you actually meant "transgender goon"?
  14. is this the "antifa are the real fascists" argument?
  15. nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=166519 ruler name: dietrich von hotzh nature of violation: nazism, terrorism and other hate groups the nation's name, "aestitus reich," and the nation's flag are reminiscent of nazi themes note that, although the reichskreigsflagge (the german war flag featuring an off-center cross and circle) was used as early as 1867, the variant with a red field (such as in this nation's flag) was only ever used in nazi germany source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichskriegsflagge#Kriegsfahne_gallery
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