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  1. nation in question: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=152918 nature of offence: this player has declared war on me with a reason of "For OOC attacks". i'm not sure what ooc attacks the player is referring to; i don't recall ever interacting with this person, let alone attacking them. nevertheless, i understand ooc justifications for war are not permitted screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/l4kKBkB.png
  2. i get all my news from the gazette, all other outlets are fake news
  3. @Bjorn Ironside i have tried to embargo goons but it won't let me, please help
  4. nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=44991 ruler name: maia nature of violation: inappropriate in-game communication one of this nations cities - 'show is over' - has a custom city image that clearly contains the f word. i messaged the leader of this nation in-game but they declined to edit out the offending word
  5. to avoid making a separate report on the same player, their nation's factbook also contains the following: https://i.imgur.com/RfHYLcE.png - "af" is circumventing filtered profanities; "shekel" in modern usage is often anti-semitic https://i.imgur.com/5k6KX4t.png - referencing rape
  6. @Alex i know this is a busy time of the year so it's ok if you're busy, i just wanted to make sure you haven't accidentally missed this report. i've noticed you've replied to newer reports to this one, so i thought it might be a possibility. thanks in advance.
  7. i think you'll find that it actually disproves that goons don't not know that they cannot be untrustworthy
  8. heaven's gate is welcomed to goons' expansive bosom
  9. nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=169600 ruler name: nicholai nature of violation: inappropriate in-game communication screenshot of description: https://i.imgur.com/Ml6pawP.png this nation's description outright references nazism now. ironically, they're accusing others of being nazis despite being the ones to reference anti-semitic nazi propaganda previously.
  10. the government of new jazztopia welcomes this news and looks forward to following developments in robotopia with insouciance
  11. it has been brought to my attention that this player has been warned previously for calling for the extermination of a specific group of people in their nation description. i find it highly unlikely that it's a coincidence that this player has once again called for the extermination (in capital letters) of "the eternal goon." this language only serves to reinforce the fact that it is a thinly veiled reference to "the eternal jew."
  12. nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=169600 ruler name: nicholai nature of violation: inappropriate in-game communication, possibly moderation as a weapon? screenshot of description: https://s.put.re/KefpN2fK.png the first line of this nation's description mentions "the eternal goon," which is a blatant reference to "the eternal jew," a disgustingly anti-semitic nazi propaganda film. in the second paragraph, the nation's description includes the initialism "stfu," which is commonly understood to mean "shut the frick up," (word filtered in this instance) in the second paragraph, the nation also makes threats against moderators, promising to get them banned if they don't support the nation's leader the description also contains multiple out-of-character references, including cybernations and discussion of blocking/banning
  13. the extremely socialist republic of new jazztopia acknowledges the passing of weedsylvania's leader. ambassador maliciousonion has prepared this heartfelt statement:
  14. the management apologises for the lack of pictures and would like to offer the below image, which i'm sure you'll find satisfactory.
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