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  1. @Inst change the name of the thread to 'Sucking up to Alex thread'. It makes more sense. Cheerios
  2. They are as legit as NP's wars.
  3. For what my opinion is worth, they are betting than most alliances atm, and have the potential to become even better. Not individually, nay, but as a whole. Then again, just my two cents.
  4. I don't disagree. I thought this was a very good comment. But it makes me curious on the intentions of Interstellar leadership when they joined the war. Just makes no sense to me.
  5. Finally you get something right.
  6. Yo peeps. Where is TCW in the 'Best MilCom' section? And the same I'd like to ask of for NPO in the 'Most Honorable' section? Smh
  7. F. I'll get a strike for this, but meh. Sucks to see you go bro. F
  8. And I smell an opportunist. But who asked? Amirite?
  9. If you guessed Brave and Beautiful BK, you guessed right!
  10. @Prefonteen pls wait 3-5 business days while IQ's leaders explain their view on the situation to Alex. If you have anymore questions, please message Roquentin#1337 on discord. This gentlemen shall deal with your complaints in the meantime. We thank you for your understanding!
  11. What about raids raws to resell? Smh. Excluding us pirates.
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