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  1. Don't manufacture alu when you are new. Raid it, or buy it instead. I highly recommend the former, although the latter is also fine.
  2. Fam, you could find a much better connection than just "allies" if you are looking to discredit my argument. But this isn't about me. I assume that's it is legal because I have played this game for 2.5 yrs, and this is the first time I've seen such a game report made. Meanwhile, I've seem this tactic of removing bounties used many times. And not just in "private" either. There was even an Orbis post made about such a removal of a bounty 1.5 yrs ago. And what? Nothing happened. No strike was given, no report was made. Why? Because this was thought to be the norm, and not against the rules. And again, next time, poke at my argument, not at me. Cheerios.
  3. To be fair, the purpose of the war was not to slot-fill the target, but to remove the bounty. Regardless, if you do think this to be slot filling, I'd ask you to give Changeup a break this time, because removing bounties this way has been legal for as long as I played, and most players(all that I've met with at least) were also under this impression. Furthermore, if you do go ahead and push this, I'd implore you to specify that in the rules, as technically speaking, removing bounties this way is not against the rules.
  4. Pax Maroon = Pax Pacifica? Some IQ ideas never die it seems
  5. Yo TCW. If keep leaking at this rate, you'll surpass SK in no time.
  6. Always tickles me when the likes of tCW try talking shit.
  7. Mr. Goober

    Multi Time

    Obviously they are multis if they had some shady transactions years ago.
  8. Mr. Goober

    Multi Time

    You really despise this person/people, eh?
  9. My man Killz be out there spreading the word of God. #CoupDenison #BringBackThalmor
  10. Merge SK, ally Rose, blitz Poolaris
  11. @Prefontaine what is wrong with the raws rn? There aren't enough? Oh noes, whatever will happen? Maybe someone will actually start producing them finally. Wanna get more raws out there because everyone is too content to produce manus? Maybe you should coax Sheepy into just giving everyone 500k of every resource every month. That'll change things to be sure. My point is, when it concerns the economics of the game, why must the status quo change? Let the free market balance things out. We don't need more raws, manus, or whatever. Let the prices be high, so people can actually have options on what they wanna do. Right now, they have tough options on whether to get the projects, infra, or more cities, instead of just having the straight and narrow path of "cities, more cities, and did someone mention cities" that existed prewar.
  12. So friendly that they tried perma warring the opposing coalition last war. Join Camelot!
  13. The only thing that's worrisome imo is the city score. They should at least be reduced to 75% of their current value. Otherwise, all is fine.
  14. @Alex why did soldier and tank score values get change to a wacky number. Why not keep it nice and even? For example, why .009 for tanks, instead of a nice .01, and .004 for soldiers? It hardly decreases the score, and makes it a bigger pain to mentally calculate.
  15. I use outlook. In fact, a few mins ago someone delcared on me and I got the notif. Make sure that u go to ur email and make sure that it doesn't go to the spam. My outlook for some reason decides to put PnW notifs into the spam section every once in a while.
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