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  1. Would you come as far as to not believe the logs of the terms? May I ask why, if so?
  2. How would you measure the top 25 alliances? Most of the alliances in Orbis, especially the major ones, are at war, and their score is either hyperinflated or deflated.
  3. As far as I know, only Malal refers to IQ as memesphere.
  4. Ya don't have to convince Co A of this. Convince your own coalition first.
  5. I like how half of Co B gov are denying these terms, and the other half saying they are real. At least get your story straight, lmao.
  6. I thought BK was to blame...
  7. Thanks for validating the logs?
  8. Nah. He didn't read it. He is just trolling. Block him and move on.
  9. I'm not sure what is worse tbh. The amount of leaks IQ has given Orbis, or how dumb they are on the forums. But aight.
  10. Or hide them. But make them checkable via the profile. If that makes sense...
  11. I don't see the point in running them if they will be "rigged" by IQ again. What's the point? Just have BK, NPO, and Goons get together and vote on them themselves.
  12. Nah. We had to scroll vertically b4 too. Difference was that the wars were very thin. And we could zoom out. So we could rush through them very quickly if needed be. Here, if I scroll very quickly, I might miss the war I'm looming for. And I can't check all the wars' resistance/MAPs at once either. Just compacting it would make a huge difference imo. If anyone else has an idea how to make the UI better, ofc, this is the thread for it. So speak up guys.
  13. I understand it was made for mobile users. But it sucks. Honestly, making it smaller would work. It just sucks to have to scroll through 5 wars at a time.
  14. Pretty simple. Change the war UI back to the old one. For mobile users, this current one is uncomfortable because if they are fighting multiple nations, they cannot switch to different nations rapidly. This is because tbe current war UI, each war takes up the whole screen. Currently, it is just uncomfortable for mobile users. In the future, as new wars break out, it will be an impediment for ppl who wanna double buy/destroy the double buys, etc. I understand this works nicely for computer users. It just doesn't do the same justice to mobile users. Also, nice how wars disappear once you wre finished with them. Btw, inserted an example of the current war UI. One war doesn't even fit on the phone. Sheesh!
  15. I'd just like to point out to Alex that Alex has looked at this nation before, and did not find a problem with it. Soooo....
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