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  1. These kind of comments should get you rolled.
  2. Noctis supporting the new AA just like he supported the last AA. What can possibly go wrong?
  3. I like the current UI. But yes, the resources thing is a problem. I'd love to see that changed back.
  4. This isn't a battle for me at all. I just find I hilarious that NPO is having a stroke over a text based political game where most of the game is about talking with the community. I have no dog in the fight. Idc about the fight. Let's just make that clear.
  5. My God. You even surrendered twice. *slow clap as credits roll*
  6. This is actually a pretty good song. RIP Frank Sinatra.
  8. Same. Not sure how active I'd be, but I'm interested.
  9. Will this war end under 2 hours as well?
  10. It was definitely enough time for you to overextend yourself, correct. But whatever you say, champ.
  11. Not taking a side in this particular post, but this screenshot reminds me of when NR declared victory against Panth. hahaha Good times.
  12. Tfw you agree with Gorge on something...
  13. I am just sad that they peaced out before they could roll your overextended butt. But hey, what do we know? You are the pro here.
  14. Weak, not gonna lie. If you get hit for bullsh1t reasons, stand your ground. Especially since TUA had a decent chance at winning considering that tO was opening with navals. But mah, I guess micro do as micro is.
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