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  1. @Alex I found a glitch mate, Ground attacks won't be saved if you use tanks as well. Works just with soldiers
  2. All embrace the power of this day
  3. I agree with you man, day change for me is at 2 am lol Sucks pretty bad...
  4. Sir Sandro

    peace talks

    Fam I'm almost a year old, yea that's 200 days younger than your nation but I'm very far from a new nation As for Sunara I've got personal reasons to approach you like that but seeing that you apologized is a good sign. We should be gentlemen to women here no matter their alliance affiliation/age or whatever. Now about the war I myself stopped being part of it since like a month, irl and all. These "attacks" we are sending each other are just jokes, no? Tell me if you felt offended by something and I'll apologize as well I'm not here to argue or be a d*ck like many people
  5. Sir Sandro

    peace talks

    You are quite wrong my dear friend, my community is comprised of people who trust each other and respect each other. You yourself are an example of the BK community. You think I have no idea how bad your behaviour is to Sunara, well you are wrong, this war can last a thousand years and my guys will still play while you are experiencing an implosion at this moment. You especially are losing your rankings within Orbis as a whole
  6. This is utter BS...Baseball is good the way it is dude. Don't nerf or remove it. Judging by the same logic you should also remove the "buying land during naval blockade" feature but I don't see anyone complaining about it, right? Just leave the damn game and don't "improve" it further
  7. Awesome idea bro Thumbs up!!!
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