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    Orbis Sorcerer Supreme/Nether King

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About Me

Hi! My name is...
(What?)My name is...
(Who?)My name is...
King Firwof!
Hi! My name is...
(Huh?)My name is...
(What?)My name is...
Devilman Firwof!
Hi! My name is...
(Excuse me?) My name is...
(Who?) My name is...
Devilman Firwof!

Summerazied Beliefs, Values, & Ideals of Firwof

If everyone knows/is informed what is going on as well as knows/is informed what something is meant to mean then it is ok to joke with trolling.  Don’t always ruin things for others, it gets annoying. If being yourself includes excessive trolling/harassing/ etc. then you need to find a way to control your impulse.  It is well known that people are sensitive, but being over sensitive is also annoying. Getting angry at (a) little thing(s) a lot tends to make things complicated amost others so find a way to control that impulse.  These rules don’t have to be used all at once, cause it can make things messy. Ultimately, your best to use these rules to help yourself plus others. It will only lead to making a better community.


The Nether King of Orbis Firwof Kromwell, the Grand Apostle of the 11, signing off for a good day to all. May the fire of the nether, and the 11 have its light guide you in all its grace & glory!

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