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  1. well well i saw that my friend @Blackbird you dont need to worry about slotfilling him, i DO intend to beige him you will get your chance in about 7days
  2. So out of your generous heart tell me: how much damage i must do to counterbalance my pending 2.5k infra losses ? cause i didnt quite got that right the first time around and i think i did a bit more than needed
  3. Its funny how someone with 5bil net damages in this war is conidered a war dogder... I was just trying to give one of your guys in the coalition the chance to finally pass a war dogder GUESS WHAT... its not gonna happen now
  4. oh nobody, just a hungry pirate waiting for your pals to let their guards down and feast of them
  5. Good luck to your new ally!! May war does'nt rush at your war dogding gov setup......
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