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  1. You mentioned The Game thus you have lost The Game. I have now also mentioned The Game. I have lost The Game.
  2. We are groot. I haven't been playing for that long but this alliance has given me everything i expected from the game and more. From an organised style of gameplay to a fantastic community with friendships that will last. It's unfortunate.
  3. It was a pleasure playing aside you and I'm honoured to have called you an ally. Good hunting.
  4. Now i can see why you removed downvotes. This is the dumbest decision i have ever seen.
  5. Welcome to Orbis, brave warriors of the North. The Guardians of the Galaxy welcome you to the stage! Good hunting!
  6. You can contact the bank at 1-800-MISMANAGED This post is sponsored by: Aiyr Bank, don't let the big guys screw you, have it done by a micro instead!™
  7. You're only accomplishing in letting other alliances know how unprofessional and petty your micro bank is.
  8. All i see is him refusing to pay anything because your staff attacked him. That is still not proof of the initial contract even existing. I was expecting proof, not a screenshot I've seen before that means nothing.
  9. I mean exactly what i say. Post your supposed proof and stick up for your bank. If not, do not bother us about this again.
  10. Then put your money where your mouth is and call it a day. If you can't even be bothered to stick up for your bank then it must not be a very reputable enterprise. I suppose everyone should just go to the proven banks that handle their inquiries professionally instead of starting an hour long tirade that accomplished nothing.
  11. Listen. So far you have done nothing but make a joke out of yourself. If you had proof you should have put it in your post. I hope you don't expect me to actually waste my time to find you (a micro) when GoG's answer is clear. If you have any issues with that then you will come to our Discord server and seek us out. Not the other way around. Your delusion of grandeur is as amusing as your bank.
  12. If you have something to post. Then post it. If you don't, stop wasting everyone's time.
  13. Then your bank is either deliberately being sabotaged or run by idiots. Either way, breach of contract is breach of contract. I suggest toning down the incompetence and keeping your pet rocks on a tighter leash in the future.
  14. Now, needless to say, you have as of now still failed to prove the existence of the initial contract to begin with. It is true that LovingBoi agreed to pay the 15M by update yesterday. This would have gone without a hitch had your bank barbarians not attacked LovingBoi before the deadline, this is a breach of contract hence no payment will be made. Not only is 15M a laughably small amount to make such big deal about but you also come unto the forums without evidence? There is one thing you have accomplished with this and it is wasting everybody's time. Because you're only a micro bank, we have decided against rolling you for breach of contract. Don't push your luck. It's too late to leave with your dignity so at least go with your skin intact.
  15. Good show lads! Keep up the good memes! Happy hunting!
  16. Valiant effort, lads! It was nice having you on the battlefield, good luck with the rebuild and enjoy your naptime! Good hunting!
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