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  1. Devaughn

    Breaking News!

    The Emperor has proposed to Queen Keira! While still officially a rumor, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that both royals, whom had met previously at the last Royal Gala held in Rawrington, Hyderia, surprised the staff of a nearby park less than 3 hours ago where they had a very romantic time together which ultimately climaxed with the Emperor on one knee and the Queen saying yes. While it has neither been confirmed nor denied by the Imperial Palace, we do know that both royals are currently staying at the 'Home Away From Home' compound. Stay tuned as more news on this will be updated momentarily.
  2. In the beginning there was a Titan. He had traversed the universe looking for the perfect planet to build upon. He had been travelling for almost a decade when he came across it. It was the perfect one. Of an infinite number of planets, this was the one. The Titan slammed into the planets surface with immense power, wiping all the highest life forms on the planet at the time. He went to work immediately and soon had replenished the entire planet. It now looked even better than before. He then went on to create man and woman. And soon the new planet had plenty of humans living there. Years later.... He was walking among his creation, the society called Pandora, when he came across a maiden so fair she distracted him from his thoughts. One thing led to another and the Olympians were born. His children. Everything now seemed perfect. Together, they ruled under the leadership of their father and thus began Pantheon.
  3. The Legends of Pantheon will be coming soon. Stay tunes.
  4. Devaughn

    News Update

    The Day It is coming. It is almost here. The day the King chooses his bride. Stay tuned.
  5. Devaughn

    The War rages on

    The War between Hyderia and Ganadalia intensifies as Ganadalia has seemingly obliterated the newly created Hyderian fleet. The ships had been created to serve as a naval defense against a vastly superior Ganadalia navy and had not yet been occupied by Hyderian personnel as they were still undergoing onshore training. The G-navy bombarded the dockyards, destroying all the constructed ships after-which the G-Navy began it's blockade of Hyderia's ports. As the blockade continued, Hyderian ground forces responded by storming the capital city of Ganadalia, Gemen. Official reports state that it it only a matter of time before the army secures the palace and the royal family, forcing Ganadalia to accept the peace terms which Hyderia had previously offered the government.
  6. Since gaining Independence, Hyderia has been engaged in multiple conflicts with various nations to secure its hold on its national security. So far it has one 7 of its wars with 5 ongoing as we speak. Right now we have Kira on the ground bringing us a live report of the action. Thanks Laura. The situation here on the ground is a lot more stable than many would presume. This is primarily due to the fact that the combined use of both air and land forces have overwhelmed all opposition within the outskirts of each of these nations thus allowing for Hyderian forces to pursue their main objective with what would be considered by military analysts as little resistance. Following a small skirmish outside The Emerald City, we were escorted to a more secure location and awaited transfer to the main airbase. Which is where we are now. Right across the board or military is doing well and expect to continue doing so heading into the days ahead. Back to you Kira.
  7. Devaughn

    News at 3

    Today we have many developments to talk about and so hitting it off will be the the ongoing conflicts between multiple nations and Hyderia. Following that epic story will be our government's decision to join the Pantheon alliance followed by even more wars and finally, the announcement of the Princess's Coronation. This coronation will be the event at which she officially takes up the role as Princess of Hyderia and heir to the throne. Alongside this we will have the Sports new followed by the Entertainment News and then The Weather Report. More on this after the break.
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