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In the Beginning

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In the beginning there was a Titan.

Image result for titan

He had traversed the universe looking for the perfect planet to build upon. He had been travelling for almost a decade when he came across it. 

Related image

It was the perfect one. Of an infinite number of planets, this was the one. 

Image result for asteroid hitting earth

The Titan slammed into the planets surface with immense power, wiping all the highest life forms on the planet at the time. 

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He went to work immediately and soon had replenished the entire planet. It now looked even better than before. 

Image result for creation of man

He then went on to create man and woman. And soon the new planet had plenty of humans living there. 


Years later....


He was walking among his creation, the society called Pandora, when he came across a maiden so fair she distracted him from his thoughts. One thing led to another and the Olympians were born. His children. Everything now seemed perfect. Together, they ruled under the leadership of their father and thus began Pantheon. 

Image result for pantheon ancient rome

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And then came along the peasant, Nova Riata. You see, the Titan and Pantheon had made several civilizations angry. So these civilizations united under the battle flag of Nova Riata and bushwacked the Titan and Pantheon. Lol sorry, i couldn't help myself on this one 

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