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Wars, wars and more wars

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Since gaining Independence, Hyderia has been engaged in multiple conflicts with various nations to secure its hold on its national security. So far it has one 7 of its wars with 5 ongoing as we speak. Right now we have Kira on the ground bringing us a live report of the action. 


Thanks Laura. The situation here on the ground is a lot more stable than many would presume. This is primarily due to the fact that the combined use of both air and land forces have overwhelmed all opposition within the outskirts of each of these nations thus allowing for Hyderian forces to pursue their main objective with what would be considered by military analysts as little resistance. 


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Following a small skirmish outside The Emerald City, we were escorted to a more secure location and awaited transfer to the main airbase. Which is where we are now. 

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Right across the board or military is doing well and expect to continue doing so heading into the days ahead. 

Back to you Kira. 

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