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  1. The forces of Chaos, Rose and KETOG should celebrate their victory. They were in the trenches from the beginning and saw the war through. 🍻
  2. Looks like the conversation that was had in RON yesterday led to whatever this is. Congratulations on finding solace.
  3. I don’t see ‘The Soup Is Hot’. Poll invalid.
  4. Also, basically this entire channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCa1Yp3OCMxo8aEpQO2g0_kA/videos
  5. Or you could do the infinity stones idea... *snaps Polaris out of existence*
  6. Easy enough. Look at every war ever and talk to people responsible for orchestrating them, they will confirm. There is a public PR battle that spins narratives. These narratives should not be consumed at face value if you are attempting to work out what is truly going on.
  7. The fact that you believe what you are citing to be important is evidence enough that you have no idea what is going on. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Both sides of the war know what it was about, what is put out publicly is an attempt to win a PR battle. You’re taking the PR quick hits and using them as evidence/the Bible. That’s why no one thinks you’re credible, and the reason why the only people that are giving you your desired upvotes are the other people that have yet to learn how politics (and be able to see the truth of the political climate) on Orbis works. Edit: Also,
  8. No one unites both sides of this war the same way Phoenyx does. Good on you sir and/or madam for bringing together folks on both sides of the conflict to facepalm at your comments together. Cheers to peace.
  9. Fist, rejoin and lead Pantheon again. Make some rounds and flex your big meaty brain muscles against the evil snake & co.
  10. He is a lot easier to understand since he turned off his talk-to-text feature.
  11. I understand the idea of believing a sphere is too big, but comparing Quack to IQ seems like a bit much...
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