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  1. Wow that's fast! Thank you sheepy!
  2. Nice idea! Hope it is implemented...
  3. @placentica, You're very funny... One member sent you that, then you just generalized it all?.. What a sweet logic you got just to stain the name of our alliance... I hope you're not a 12 year old baby boy who was a victim of bullying then what the boy does was to accuse everyone of bullying even if they're not doing it.. How pathetic....
  4. Uhmmm as others say, it will be a bit unfair for the newer players... I'd rather see this as fine and faster growth on new players and I'm sure they will,stick to the game..
  5. Since most of us heared about the Ebola outbreak, let's start here.. What comes in you mind when you hear about the word EBOLA
  6. /o Casey! We had great fun way back then having a little tandem! /o EOS we will miss you!
  7. I agree with TheNG... Plus soldiers carrying rifles and not missile launchers.. It's balance I think of what's going on right now..
  8. Welcome back and happy gaming!!
  9. I guess you're right que... But worth asking to help others out..
  10. @diabolos just don't mind them... They're just trying to make the game suit to their own interest but the masses say its fine.. And alas, you said about (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) I agree with you more than a hundred percent..
  11. Same to you too guys and gals!
  12. Very nice of you and very clear... How you are so blank........
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