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  1. Would you want to transfer ownership to my next account once my current is deleted? I'll in-game message you.
  2. Your leader is in a !@#$ing war with a 13-year-old. I don't know if I would be saying that.
  3. Woah dude I knew I said I wouldn't comment anymore, but you got some issues.
  4. Thank you. Yeah I considered just leaving for good, because I got falsely accused once and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again, but hopefully there will be some ways to ensure that it won't happen again. I just got to a ranking position in my alliance though…
  5. I was accused of cheating, my account got reset, and while I maintain my innocence, I went a bit nuts with commenting. I need to take a break to calm down a bit. When I return I will be a new nation. I deposited 200k with the Cirrus bank. My wish is that Ashland keeps it. You've been a great friend. Also shoutout to Lord Frostsword. Even if you guys don't like me, you should know that he's a great guy. Later everyone!
  6. The only evidence is Alatuq giving loans to people in his alliance. Sheepy said that it was obvious Alatuq is a real account. So there is no evidence.
  7. Why the !@#$ would I give up a nation on the verge of the top 250 to make random multis I never used? But here's the thing, there is no evidence linking me to any of the account but Alateq, who Sheepy knew wasn't a multi.
  8. I guess that this is the most ridiculous part. If I was actually making multis, you can damn well bet that I wouldn't use the same network to log them in. And I've already offered to show Facebook and Skype logs that pretty obviously show that I wasn't using multis. I would like to add that no evidence has been shown against me.
  9. !@#$ you. You have no idea what you're talking about. Noone has provided any evidence of cheating. I have never seen the people who were apparently my multis.
  10. I was trading with my brother because HES NOT A !@#$ing MULTI. And I didn't trade once with any of the other random accounts. There's no evidence, despite what the !@#$ who gives you orders is saying. I didn't even trade with the accounts that are apparently multis.
  11. Clearly you'll find more more random accounts to accuse me of using when I rebuild.
  12. (!@#$) you (!@#$), you're the cheater. I had no connections with any of these accounts.
  13. Clearly I !@#$i*g do if I'm getting accused of making multis when I have none.
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