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  1. Oh hi Bear, did you come back with a military this time? Kinda hard to get a good fight outta ya when the oh great Pirate Lord play Pacifist.
  2. Aid has been deployed! In the form of 2000lb bombs
  3. 11th grade and can't even use proper grammar and spelling. Huh, so you're the reason No Child Left Behind failed, good to know buddy. Now, go do your homework, maybe you'll learn something.
  4. Oh look, I was wondering when the terrible excuse for a journalist was gonna show up. Don't worry, I've got an editorial for next issue with your name on it.
  5. Well, when we link that as a threat against our AA And use it as a Cassus Belli, your little pirate buddies will only have you to blame.
  6. Big talk coming from the folks who's AA Leader had no military and I dumpstered without retaliation. Now, get in with Bluebear:
  7. Noted, will be using larger text in future publications. Sadly PnW forums make it difficult to get formatting right
  8. We at the Goon Gazette thank you for this information, and will implement it in further publications!
  9. Da comrade, Commissars have discovered man in question, interrogations will begin shortly...
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