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  1. We have been in this thing from the beginning. Had 20+ members at the beginning. Helped our coalition mates chew down planes on every target we engaged, played our part. Every other micro tucked their tails and got out. We stayed in. Fought non-stop for the first 3-4 months, then its been sporadic the rest of the time... But ya, make jokes. So funny. Make me
  2. Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=12021 Ruler Name:Thalmor Nature of Violation: mass war declaration with no attack for the process of baiting beige.
  3. Your numbers are ridiculously flawed. Anti-air tanks would destroy balance even further. Id be more inclined to allowing a special missle project to directly attk planes... Than this unbalanced suggestion.
  4. Disagree with those resources numbers. Were a teeny micro and needed 20ish k per resource per nation, or this war would've ended within a few weeks for us. Keep in mind that a nation being bombarded with all 3 def slots filled and at least 2 offensive needs considerably more resources to weather the storm.
  5. How bout fixing the war system instead. Make beiging a way to win a war, rather than players having to avoid it because it rewards the loser. As far as offshore banks... That adds a tactic to the game that players deserve to capitalize on if they deem necessary. Everytime you try to fit everyone into a cookie cutter scenario... You hurt ur game and this community. Let us think for ourselves and quit constricting our gameplay.
  6. Mack g

    Slot Filling

    20% of their bank needs to go bye bye for cheating
  7. I like this. Though i think the military buy back is also a problem. If it didn't take so long to buy back military... Beige wouldn't matter.
  8. Currently, beiging is bad. If you want to win a war, u dont beige. Why? Because if you beige an opponent it rewards them with time to rebuild, restock, and regroup. They can exit beige at any time and declare a new war with no negative aspects. My suggestion: Change the beiging system, so that it becomes the focus to win a war without hurting the winners. Instead of x amount of days without being attkd. Cap it to 12 turns of non attks, after which time the beiged nation can be attkd but cannot start any offensive wars until beige ends... And cap total beige time to 4 days which can be reset Everytime a nations res drops to zero. So, recap.... 4 days of beige when an opponent beats you, the beige cap can be reset Everytime your res drops to zero and your bank is looted. The first 12 turns you get a reprieve and cannot be attkd. The next following 3 days you cannot start offensive wars but can continue to be targeted with defensive wars.
  9. So.. down dec should be between 6 and 10 cities with a hard cap. A 20 city nation for example cannot down dec a 10 city nation as it would have 100% more cities than the 10... Instead could only down dec a 14. However a 30 city could down dec a 20 city nation as the 30 only has a 1/3rd of the city count as the 20, and its capped at 10. So a 40 could down dec a 30, a 50 could down dec a 40 and so on.
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