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  1. Mack g

    Changes to score calculations -- Need input.

    So.. down dec should be between 6 and 10 cities with a hard cap. A 20 city nation for example cannot down dec a 10 city nation as it would have 100% more cities than the 10... Instead could only down dec a 14. However a 30 city could down dec a 20 city nation as the 30 only has a 1/3rd of the city count as the 20, and its capped at 10. So a 40 could down dec a 30, a 50 could down dec a 40 and so on.
  2. Mack g

    Changes to score calculations -- Need input.

    Basically your trying to swap tech for cities. In another nationn sim most of us are familiar with... Theres a tech gap. A 50k tech whale nation cant be targeted by anyone outside of the top 250. So the whales stay above the world in a small % of players who can actually be targeted and the rest can only look from the bottom of the mountain. the whales can down dec people completely out of ther league. However, with a city down dec cap and erasing the up dec... Those large nations can be targeted by anyone but can only down dec 5 - 6 cities.
  3. Mack g

    Changes to score calculations -- Need input.

    5 - 6 cities down should be the cap. Otherwise the double buy is retarded. The idea that a 20 city can down declare a 10 city nation and there is no way that a 1 vs 1 the 10 city can win. Is poor game design. 6 city down dec cap for the win
  4. Mack g

    Changes to score calculations -- Need input.

    A 34 city nation definitely shouldn't be a le to hit a 20 city nation. So on that i agree. Should be a cap with the war ranges. Like an ns rating as well as no nation can hit lower than 5 cities below itself but can up declare 10 cities or something.
  5. Mack g

    What's the next move after the war?

    Ah Kastor. I remember when you were but a pup. Starting aa's... Convincing hapless morons to put their hard earned cash into the bank... Which you would then rob. Rinse and repeat. I think the funniest thing about this thread, is the notion that you matter... And more importantly that anyone even cares about your opinion 😂
  6. Mack g

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame

    Your welcome red... U and i are old CN buddies.... SRA 4 Lyfe. Nice to see you, join InfoWars discord when u have time.
  7. Mack g

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame

    Its called a coalition... Ever heard of it? CoS was in the coalition withT$ and NPO to hit TKR last war. At that point in time... T$ wasnt allied to NPO and CoS wasnt an ally either. However, tbey were in a coalition to fight the same enemy... Read your thesaurus sometime.
  8. Mack g

    Bloody Horsemen

    Suiciding is a very effective way to win the end result. Its not meat shielding. Itcreates a tactical window... Not everyone can handle. NPO is Love... NPO is Lyfe.
  9. Mack g

    Let's Talk

    Just ip ban everyone involved. Problem solved.
  10. Mack g

    The Boris Wars Volume 2 ft. IronFront

    Borisology... Tell me more
  11. Mack g

    HorseForce 2000

    Congrats friends!
  12. Mack g

    City Discount Project

    This should be an alliance based project.

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