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  1. Jan Orwell

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Nothin' you say? https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=3427
  2. Jan Orwell

    The Underground DoE

    But is becoming one
  3. Jan Orwell

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    Well, we have players from all around the world, I doubt there will can be a time convenient for all. Also I propose category of most vacationing alliance, although favourites are already known... Good luck with organising whole thing!
  4. Jan Orwell

    Grumpyhave teeth

    That's interesting. I bet you are the first person going to vacation mode during this war not from tC, TKR or Guardian. Enjoy vacation
  5. Jan Orwell

    Increase the Standards Required to Found an Alliance

    There is a huge difference between playing the game 'differently' and playing the game absolutely wrongly. I went through some at least little bit active micros, these are just few examples: Alliance United Nations - it forbids their members to fight each other (therefore they do not know such basics such as the fact you cannot raid your own ally). They are getting raided pretty badly and lose most of defensive wars - there are no counters. Their boss thinks that it is a good idea to build farms, wind power plants and supermarket at 1176 infra and 1800 area. Many of their members already got inactive. Hollingsworth United Force HUF - also, getting raided, they do not counter. Their leader has 10 cities (not that bad, right?) but none of them electrified, although he is active. Their Minister (Heir) has been playing just for 7 days, but still, he has just two cities. The National Alliance Group - again, new alliance, quite a few active players, but they are not countering, losing wars. Their leader does not have basic idea about how to build an economy. Do you really think that these people are the ones who should teach new players how to play the game? They do not play game differently, they play it wrongly. They are getting raided, their leaders do not know how to manage their own nations, there is obviously no leadership, defense and no system of teaching newer players how to play this game. This is not a different approach, this is an approach that will make them leave whole game in a week or two. Most of them will stay there until they will lose motivation because game seems too complicated to them and they are badly losing. Let's not pretend that micros that are noobish have a legit and correct approach to the game, they do not and the game lose players because of them. Maybe this is also an appeal for big alliances to be as nice and as open towards new players as possible.
  6. Jan Orwell

    Increase the Standards Required to Found an Alliance

    I believe this change is very important - there are a lot of people who left because they joined inactive, noobish alliances without any community and mutual help - what is the most important thing in order to make people stay with a game as complex (and sometimes confusing) as P&W is. Talking about micros, I really think that this would not kill them, just make them more competitive - most active and respected micros are led by people who already have good experiences with game anyway. This would kill just weak micros that have no potential and for game it would be better if they can get skills somewhere else. Talking about solutions, I really think this is not the main issue here, firstly we need to accept that there is a need for a change. Agreeing on solution is just secondary thing as it can be whatever basically (10 cities / 90 days / fee of 10,000,000$ / something else).
  7. Jan Orwell

    A World Police Announcement

    Several unnamed sources confirmed that this war started as a result of inability of TKR, Commonwealth, Tesla, Statesmen, etc. to have enough member in order to fill in BK's offensive war slots. Many people in Orbis ask TKR, Commonwealth and the rest to solve this situation immediately and recruit more people to fight. If not, BK and t$ will be forced to fight each other even more often.
  8. Jan Orwell

    Bounty not claimed

    Thanks for explanation! Topic can be locked.
  9. Jan Orwell

    Nova Riata and Statesmen RoH with Pantheon and Allies

    Happy to be back around! Thanks for your explanation, it definitely makes sense. On the other hand, I think that @Leftbehind has a strong point as well. I really think that this whole war against much weaker opponents create a lot of negative publicity for Pantheon - not because it is immoral, simply because it looks like Pantheon cannot fight alliances in its score range and has to take an easy (by easy I mean very very easy) win. Then there is another question: does Pantheon's image and reputation matter that much for Pantheon's leadership? Pantheon is not a pariah, it has relatively strong ties to other alliances and its reputation does not influence how many new members they are getting (they still have a lot of them). Therefore, I think Pantheon got some negative reputation, but they do not really have to care about it that much. Guys, please stop with these logs - I feel terribly cringy for David Jr....
  10. Jan Orwell

    Bounty not claimed

    Thanks for explanation! I believe it doesnt entirely make sense if you think about it objectively (why would ships having blockade on you avoid you to receive bounty?), also in comparison with other game mechanisms (receiving money from looting even if under blockade, sending baseball players abroad during blockade), it is quite inconsistent.
  11. Jan Orwell

    Nova Riata and Statesmen RoH with Pantheon and Allies

    Yes, yes, I know that it is done by Grumpy and Guardian, however Pantheon started the strike on Nova Riata and Statesmen first and these alliances are in the TKR sphere. You could expect some kind of retaliation on your top tier (regardless of the fact whether it was done by Guardian or whomever else) as it is almost impossible for Pantheon to defend its top tier. Well, I remember quite well that there were a lot of effort in Pantheon to defend your whales and it seems to me that they were now sacrificed for some easy kills and negative reputation after your attacks on Nova Riata and Statesmen.
  12. Jan Orwell

    Nova Riata and Statesmen RoH with Pantheon and Allies

    Was it worth to attack Statesmen and Nova Riata in exchange of having your top tier crushed? (no cynicism, I am really interested what kind of cost benefit analysis was made by you)
  13. Jan Orwell

    Bounty not claimed

    Hello, I was in war with this nation - https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=94647 . I started attrition war because there was 10,000,000 $ attrition bounty. I won the war, however I did not receive the bounty and I do not understand why. The bounty of 10,000,000 $ is still on his name, unclaimed. Here is the evidence that the bounty was posted before the war - https://politicsandwar.com/world/bounties/ . Is it some weird game mechanism or is it just a bug? If it is a bug, may I claim the money somehow? Thanks.
  14. Jan Orwell

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    I know that stealing memes is a sin, but this war gives another meaning to the original one!

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