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  1. Where's the scroll. Rites should not be broken. However, congratz Squegee. Hope you keep leaking stuff.
  2. Simpleton

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    I may have not read the doc carefully. But there isn't a specified time period for the NAP to be in effect right?
  3. Simpleton

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Why does a raiding alliance has taxes in the first place? Alex never made biege loot taxable. And running a negative economy never get you any taxes either. And if you are not running a negative economy then you aren't a good raider.
  4. Simpleton

    Lesson of the Day

    Arrgh! Piracy at its best
  5. Simpleton

    DoE of Slytherin

    Best wishes to Slytherine.
  6. Simpleton

    The Dank Whisperer's War Against A Dankless Religion

    smh... noobs thinking they can teach Fien something about positions. He is a professional in the field. Been bending over for people for years.
  7. Simpleton

    The candle is out of string

    Micros give DOW? Anyway good luck to both sides.
  8. Simpleton

    Long Live the Queen!

    Congratulations to both TCL and Adrienne.
  9. Simpleton

    The End (of Orbis?!).

    Wish the war continued for some more days. I was prepared for 300 days of famine . Congratulations to both sides for bringing fun to Orbis. Hope we don't have to wait another year.
  10. Simpleton

    Declaration of War

    Arr ghmao
  11. Simpleton

    Multis raiding the same guy

    Hey, these two guys are in the same alliance and raiding the same guy. Clear break of rules. Also, seems to be suspicious alliance bank transfers between the two. Another break of rules.
  12. Simpleton

    Adeptus Mechanicus DoE

    Lets see if Ryleh can out do himself in part 2. But, good to see a DOE. Best wishes to you all.
  13. Simpleton

    Typhoon in the war

    Time for the raiders to focus on raiding everyone else rather than destroying each other. Arrgh!
  14. Simpleton

    An alliance of Multis

    Hi! So, this is what I found. I think an investigation on this may be needed.
  15. Simpleton

    kata told me to change the name


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