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  1. Yeah we get it. You went after our lower members so our higher members couldn’t do anything a while our members went for people their own size. Old story.
  2. The only one who is so full of themselves is you. Short had left before we started fighting. As for taking ALOT less damage, our score went up. You got IMU to break the previous NAP to get the Misfits by surprise, you were consistently using hollow threats such as telling us the Revolutionary Front was going to attack us, claiming you were building a missile arsenal to destroy us and you tried paying the Global Union to stay neutral. You did damage cause you got IMU and Typhon to get the jump on The Misfits and your only term of peace was to make sure the Misfits Disbanded. You pulled out when
  3. Well I guess the war is over now. Rip. Though I do beg to question? Where are the Revolutionary Front forces you spoke of coming? Anyways thanks for the fun war ?
  4. kek downvoting me cause I’m an enemy of ur ally? ? 

    1. Ukunaka


      I Downvoted because you accepted or sent peace after making a DOW without attacking anyone.
      boo! not cool!

    2. YourAuntJoanne


      Bro, I didn’t aceept peace. I wanted to keep the war going ?

      as for not attacking anyone my score was too high.

      Know what you’re talking about man.

    3. Ukunaka


      if you have no authority over your foreign policy then don't make DOWs in alliance affairs.

  5. I didn’t even get to fight since the 2 guys in my war score were already maxed out on war slots neither was I able to see them use their non existent missile arsenal that they threatened us with! Oh well.
  6. Ikr we really did bad. Especially when our score has only went up since we entered the war.
  7. Uhh, you have 7?(One of your wars is against some random guy who is not affiliated with either TGU or TM) And you're winning 3 of them. One of the ones you're winning against is a guy who is still sleeping and you got the IMU to ambush the Misfits by repealing a NAP treaty, you took 2 days to prepare your forces and in those 2 days, you didn't make that missile arsenal you have been threatening us with. You have been telling us that some bigger alliance is going to come down and kill us like some sort of angel to save you from those "micro-meanies" and you've been acting like the Misfits are a
  8. Yep. I think that there is no use in an alliance if you're too scared to actually defend yourself and your allies, every once in a while the Antelope will outrun the Cheetah and taking risks is a part of what makes this game fun. Good luck to you.
  9. Oh yeah. This was a response to a Micro Bloc declaring on our ally, call us stupid but it is called politics and war.
  10. Oh well. You guys are supposedly Co-Tin's super strong secret ally that's going to crush us right? Or at least according to Co-Tins leader.
  11. Don't worry, we won't take 2 whole days to attack This is a declaration of war on Co-Tin (If that wasn't obvious enough) but not on IMU cause we have a PIAT with them I guess? Whatever. Let's do this!
  12. Took you guys long enough to start attacking. Bloody hell! 2 days?
  13. Me wondering if this is an april fools joke or not ?
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