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  1. MoonShadow

    Where we droppin bois?

    I disagree, his allies are doing the right thing as they know it would be cheaper to rebuild him than to hit Camelot, if Mad Max is happy to ride this out without any support from them now but to get support to rebuild when its over then who cares. Lets face it people or hate RR/BC now FR, if they hit Camelot they would lose in a massive way and it will be painful for them.
  2. MoonShadow

    Where we droppin bois?

    your post is trash
  3. MoonShadow

    A Bold New Frontier

    1) I never merged in to BC i joined and worked my way up in to gov, 2) BC was my first gov role so yeah i might have been beta but to label them all beta after you just merged in to them is laughable, 3) I do not blame anyone for my own failings. As for not knowing how things will work, lets check back in six months.
  4. MoonShadow

    A Bold New Frontier

    I was there and he got pushed out, RR got FA, MoD and IA and after Charlie left they had no one to replace him anyway (Econ does not come under IA), its not equal however nor should it be, BC was the larger alliance. I bet in three months it will be Kilo, Demon and Alexio with the highest rank as its the only rank that has bank control, and if he is lucky Tom. tell me please how is that Equal?
  5. MoonShadow

    A Bold New Frontier

    Why do people say things are equal when they are not, BC has two places out of the new triumvirate rightly so they was much larger. The fact is simply Alex and Demon will run the alliance as they always has, They had a triumvirate before after the first merger until Alexio and Demon push them out, plus I will be very shocked if they let anyone but Alexio, Demon of Kilo have bank control.
  6. MoonShadow

    To whom it may concern.

    Well congratulations to NPO, They have now signed the largest micro with the smallest of leaders.
  7. MoonShadow

    Where we droppin bois?

    I know you say I am trash, maybe i do not even rank that high with you, however I agree with everything above.
  8. MoonShadow

    Where we droppin bois?

    Has anyone asked why Camelot attacked might have nothing to do with the last opinions Max posted, could just be due to the fact Max is an ass. Seen a lot of people post here about fair fights, wonder how many of you have been in a fair fight and not one that is stacked on your side
  9. MoonShadow


    So he is stopping at 60, Ok cool, guess you just made it in then. maybe next year my alliance might make it. but who knows we do not plan on spamming for people to join.
  10. MoonShadow


    I did read it all, I did find it funny nor did it bother me, but I guess the homeowners was sick of the homeless guy bring down the value of their home plus the smell did not help much.I can not wait to see if he says anything about my alliance it will be a fun read or will he simply skip us, who knows
  11. MoonShadow

    If you could...

    I totally agree with you, on the other side you have some larger alliances with such 30 members plus who have no experience and mass recruit with no thought on how to help the members.
  12. MoonShadow

    If you could...

    What would an alliance size need to be in order to be a micro, how many cities, how many nations or simply based on their nation score. I would say it really do not matter the size of an alliance big or small can do great harm to the game in many ways.
  13. MoonShadow


    Yes another "rank" however i believe it should have been a T sir, how good you could have been if you put this effort in to growing your alliance than in to something as pointless as rating alliances, you need to run a successful alliance that has grown and become top ten before rating those who have done so. if not you are nothing more than a homeless complaining how small the house you are sleeping in front of is.
  14. MoonShadow

    Noobs guide to a good blitz

    I agree normally you wouldn't. but we are talking about a guide for noobs to blitz that in itself seems like an oxymoron.
  15. MoonShadow

    SNN: The Wizard

    So you are saying she did not get 25m in aid, and did not have loads of trades and buy three credits, I simply stated that's not the action of a new nation.

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