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  1. And So the Dust Settles

    Well done to everyone who fought in this war, my respect for what its worth to you all. I see a lot of people who is not a member of the alliances listed complaining about the NAP, your alliance isn't listed so why you complaining ?. your not bound by this NAP.
  2. War Stats 2.0

    The only truth about your stats is the fact they are a lie, We all know those nations who deleted was removed from the stats even tho the damage they had taken still happened, I wonder if Alex even did some real stats posting if you will come back here delete your nation and claim life is unfair when you are proven nothing more than a simple liar who tried to play with the big boys and lost.
  3. War Stats 2.0

    The truth is any alliance that needs to keep posting stats have already lost, lets face it. We all know IQ will take longer to build, then they have to refund and build their allies well those that still remain, i foresee another big loan being taken out soon, NPO or BK wonder who the bank will be.
  4. War Stats 2.0

    Trust me, no one would be more embarrassed than to have anything to do with you, to please insult me all you wish it proves how simple minded you really are, lets face it one thing you are good at is fake news to make things look like your winning. would love for Alex to do the stats how i would laugh when it proves your full of it. Non IA destroyed 5,191,234.46 you claim yet IQ lost 5,069,920.75 seems they do not add up, and you also forgot to add how many of your nations have ran/ deleted i am sure you removed their stats.
  5. War Stats 2.0

    Glad to see steel at the right price, however Alu is only 2k not three. Also hasn't IQ had 188 members leave/delete, that's one way to hide some of that infra lost as a deleted nations losses are not accounted for, wonder whats next ? Seems IQ are also adding raids to their stats, Can prove this as they have added 300 Spartans to their sheet and he was in one raid that had nothing to do with IQ lol Edit my post, not due to leo the big mouth worthless crap anything but great, simply because i had more to add, its still funny how they waited so long to change the price of steel, Also funny how they have lost 1m more infra than non iq yet the non iq side has paid what 3b more, @Alex are you giving IQ a discount on buying infra or are they just really bad at math's ?
  6. Congratulations to Roquentin

    Simply ignore me then and you would not lose any more brain cells, then again IQ simply do not have many to lose, so i beg you ignore me Only because you do not agree, or do not like it, does not make it any less true.
  7. Congratulations to Roquentin

    Well i could understand that, NPO bought loads of steel to push the price over 5k ppu in order to make Roq stats look better, oddly enough its now down to 3.5k ppu again, i wonder if he changed the price accordingly if NPO and co would be doing as well as they claim ?
  8. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    unless you go back and read it, he clearly started he kept nuking to force them to beige him, a smart tactic i agree, this was so they could hide the alliance bank, now if there was no beige you better believe he would not have simply laid down and nuked as it does less damage to infra thank ships.
  9. PW War Cycles

    After this war IQ wouldn't be dead, nor will the non IQ side, the problem with most wars is you will find most alliances are pixel huggers and even if we have a 3rd side to this war they would join who they felt would win. Not enough people pushing to be number one right now, I know BK has taken in Zodic and Connerstone and im sure it wont be long before TKR treaties with them out of fear or fight them out of fear. War will live on as long as you all push for it
  10. Congratulations to Roquentin

    Makes me wonder when will NPO merge in to BK as well, or will BK sort things out then merge in to NPO ?
  11. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    Nah not an idiot, just see things for what they are, you made sure that everyone beige you, YOU WILLING wanted to be beige in order to hold on to BK's bank, sure you might not have paid them but it does not change the point that you abused the beige in order to hide the bank.
  12. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    I guess some people make it worst when they abuse the system, I mean didn't you pay to be beiged so you could hold on to BK bank for the war? its things like this is why Beige should be removed, so alliances can not hide their bank in nations that can not be hit
  13. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    I am not sure if this is possible, Could you not add an effect that if attacking nation does not attack within 26 hours (as 24 hours give you maximum MAP) they lose 10% of their totally army, after all they did attack. and the count down timer reset's every time they attack. As for the defending nation, this is a little tricky as most times a defending nation would be facing 3 people at any given time, but if they also do not re-buy max troops (clearly if they do not have the resources they can not) every day they suffer in damage taken by the attacking nation? Another idea would be to base Resistance on the amount of damage done so lets say someone attacks and they kill 2k tanks and take zero damage by using planes, that should add 40% of the res, not sure if that is possible, same as if they do ground attack and lose 5k troops and 100 tanks by kills 10k troops and 200 tanks that could be 15% of res done, maybe something like that i know my numbers are off but just to give an idea.
  14. The Eagle Rises Above the Sun!

    Really that coming from the New Plane Order, simply laughable
  15. The Eagle Rises Above the Sun!

    Let me know when they turn up, still waiting.