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  1. Seems enticing... I may like to know more about snek
  2. Maybe an alliance that just got out of a month long war shouldn’t be talking shit, plotting against us, and antagonizing everyone and their mother. It’s called playing this game well
  3. You see, your side keeps saying stuff like this but the reality is much different. I applaud your tenacity and bravery in the face of almost insurmountable odds, but it’ll be extremely difficult for you or KT to bounce back especially considering the staggered beiging going on (more or less). But in a way I’m rooting for you guys. It’s been too easy and I need more targets.
  4. I had to take her (did you just assume her gender?) to the dog therapist because she’s been having nightmares every night and everytime I say Thalmor (which is often) she gets triggered. Also she’s vegan, how DARE you.
  5. Ok ok guys if you really want to know: Thalmor kicked my dog
  6. I don’t think this is an either/or thing. You can’t always have CBs, but they spice things up. Declaring for no reason is whatever, but it’s not interesting. This game is about drama and politics, not just war. Declaring on people for no reason in and of itself creates a CB for the defensive party. So we definitely need both happening to have a healthy amount of fun.
  7. Lol yes, how I described it was exactly how it was when I was there. Note that Keegoz didn’t deny anything I said. I was the head of ET not that long ago, though to be fair to them, long enough ago that it could’ve changed. In response to Keegoz, we did tests when I was there too and they were given by approved people in KT. But the test was only administered to people that KT gov regarded as not “autistic” or at least not too “autistic”. But again, to be fair, that was when Horsecock was the head of IA and oversaw ET operations. Perhaps all of that has changed. But considering you guys still have over 90 people in ET and a majority have been there for months, it still seems ineffective. In my opinion, ET is where new players go to become disinterested and stop playing.
  8. Yeah, let’s not forget you condemn the “retards” to ET forever if you don’t like them. It’s good that you at least come forward with the failure of ET. The process is not thorough at all. It’s long, ineffective, and corrupt. Instead of helping new players and fostering an environment of inclusivity, you forced them to stay in ET until you deem them worthy, which is almost never. At least that’s how it was when I was there. But to be fair, he’s right that everyone in ET is barely worth the numbers. It’s KT’s inactive farm and penal colony. All they do is fill defensive slots. I’d only add the top 10% into the stats.
  9. Can you give specific examples of the SJW contingent going on said “crusades”. As far as I can tell, we’ve just been voicing our disagreement with the Nazi idolization in-game and the emboldened racists and white supremacists who take their vile OOC beliefs into the game. If we’re going to talk about NSR when they were SIR and TRF when we were SGM, it’s become increasingly clear over the past couple months that it was perfectly justified. The whole “we’ve reformed and won’t be overtly racist” narrative has since broken down and you can go see Bastion spouting overtly racist comments in the KT server. These people don’t deserve protection. So all in all, what is “overboard”? As far as I can see, we’re just makin sure that there are repercussions for that type of behavior. Amongst yourself and the rest of the people in this game, nothing is being done or even said.
  10. Yeah he really stepped into that one, huh
  11. @Buorhann is this all part of your masterful plan?
  12. This is just another example of really poor theme names. If you really wanted to make an alliance with WW2 era German weaponry and stuff, you don’t have to name it after an actual Nazi fighting force. Unless Afrika Korps is in some way related to the anime. As for this whole “theme police” thing being a tactic only used by SJWs is utter bullshit. I’ll make sure to remember the hypocrites that complain about the theme police but also go around criticizing themes they don’t like.
  13. Now this is something I can get behind
  14. I feel like the protection should be the other way around tbh
  15. I was the ninth downvote, can confirm that this was actually an underestimation. It should be around 12 downvotes by the 21st
  16. Yes Arkiri, you are clearer than he is. As for keeping his name out of my mouth, I don't have to and will not. That's not how things work when you post in every thread you see.
  17. You proved my point well, thank you. That seems to be a Queen vs Kastor thing, seems pretty irrelevant to me. Again, Kastor chooses to speak in public. If he doesn't want to be talked about he is free to stop.
  18. Well I am not Queen, unfortunately, we're not the same person. I thought Kastor was specifically talking about me saying his name which I almost never do, the proof is in my posts before today. I asked of him to provide proof I specifically utter his name often considering his post used the words "you" when talking to me.
  19. Oh you're talking about a situation where Kastor is not referring to me at all and is completely irrelevant to this situation. The only reason anyone pays attention to him is because he chooses to speak in public and often makes a fool of himself. I admire your tendency to protect your members. But you could've picked someone better to be your primary pot stirrer.
  20. Kastor you have no credibility in your statements regarding this matter. Just stop because you're making yourself and your alliance look worse than it already does.
  21. Poor Pantheon Yui is a great and nice person and this kind of slander is unwarranted. As for the rest of you other than the snek, stop making literally everything about yourself. You're making youselves look bad for doing so in this topic of all things. Such a poor FA tactic, I thought I made it. Lo and behold, it wasn't me!
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