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  1. Aerospear

    Unveiling the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Hmm, something like this would severely limit the destructive power of NK and Alpha if their nukes are limited, would make it easier for their potential enemies to keep them down and get away with it, makes it seem like this group was made to counter alliances like those, but do what you will, who knows how this would turn out.
  2. Aerospear

    World War 3

    USA 19 Germany 17 Sumeria 17 The Slavic Theocracy 14 SPQR 2
  3. Aerospear

    Let us, the Players write a letter to Sheepy

    Dear Sheepy, We despise you, like a flower. Your new,smexy
  4. Aerospear

    We're Back Baby

    Have fun TBB(?) I don't know if that's your acronym or if BB is
  5. Aerospear

    The Citadel Council

    ....Do people actually do that ?
  6. Aerospear

    The Citadel Council

    Nah,tis a joke my good sir,although I can't really say since I've never really interacted with any of you. But,since you're BoC I'd like to think you all are friendly,for the most part
  7. Aerospear

    The Citadel Council

    You guys aren't going to be as stuck up as Sparatus are you ?
  8. Aerospear

    World Geography!!

  9. Aerospear

    Rate the avatar above you

    Testing mine out, but 8/10 I like the black, not so much the white.
  10. Nation Name: Arrania Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1258
  11. Aerospear

    What is the Demonym of Orbis?

    Orbings ? Orbanese?
  12. I suppose that means we're all going to Asgard's place then ?
  13. Aerospear

    World Geography!!

  14. Aerospear

    Strategy Games

    Mount & Blade, World in Conflict, Total War series,(mostly use the World War I mod for Napoleon and FoTS in Shogun 2), Victoria II (screw you Britain T.T), Rise of Nations, Game Dev Tycoon (I'm pretty sure this is really only Simulation but hey it's partly Strategy) Crusader Kings II(still need to figure that one out along with HoI3) Sword of the Stars II Endless Space and others,,,
  15. Aerospear


    Well hello from a Wombatian from Bob Goldie,hope you and VE are here to stay,we needed more activity anyways.

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