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  1. Remember to make another one, for when P&W dips well below CN again.
  2. I changed my opinion on supporting the game. @Alex I'm sure you have logs. Gib money back please. You removed my reason to wanting to support the game.
  3. If It wasn't for my ability to completely ignore losing, how do you think we'd have made it this long? I've said this a thousand times; Early on, I was told that "The main flaw of BK, is that they're too stupid to understand when they've lost." I then joined BK and found out it's absolutely correct. That's how we've won everything we've touched since AC. Why we've always agreed to unfavorable peace agreements is beyond me.
  4. No. He should have taken actions towards thousands of players joining the game, if he thought something fishy was going on. Banning people like this, after telling them OK. That's bullshit. That he's protecting himself by now saying "I didn't think much of it" and "it was a stomach feeling", that's cowardly bullshit. Thank heavens the Danish laws are written in ways that can't be interpreted like Alex interprets his own game rules, or my job would be a whole lot more difficult... or, to be honest, easier and more arbitrary.
  5. Also. I paid Ripper $5m in game monies for him to make this avatar for me. Are we getting bannerinoed for this? It's in game monies for in game avatar, but he used out-of-game-cool-skills to make it. Where's the line, Alex?
  6. I'm not re-writing. Alex is. As I've said previously. I'm pretty sure every alliance has at least one channel, that you need to be part of the alliance to get access to. What if it was "You have to join P&W to get access to this debate club channel"? I realize now, that I should've went all Cato the Elder on this shit from the start. 1) I don't condone of what has happened. 2) Alex, by his complete lack of action and "my stomach feeling"-statement is the only one to blame in this. He could've said "No bueno, stop this immediately." 3) This is bullshit. But at least it makes it easy for me to leave the game. He killed my reason to play the game and I get to keep BK community. This day is a win for me, personally. I get to leave this shitshow of a game and keep the people who made it the slightest bit interesting.
  7. I joined the game to be a tax farm. I'm still a tax farm. I was stupid enough, not to get people to sign up for another game or the likes, but that's on me. Getting access to something like a comic is the worst BS I've ever seen. And yes, I've looked at the report (didn't bother looking at 23 pages of screenshots). When Green was banned, he was paying people irl money for in-game money. With this, you're basically saying that we, as communities, can never ask for anything in return or offer anything in return. I'm a 1000% certain, that you could find that comic in another way if you wanted.
  8. So you're the only person around the game, who didn't see what happened the day the alliance appeared? Thousands of players appear, and you never think "I wonder what caused this..." -- when they later reach out, you're not telling them "You know, this really isn't OK..." As I stated before, I wasn't a fan from the moment they appeared, as I knew they'd be skewering the balance of the game but this? This is worse. FAR worse.
  9. Without knowing the "field", I'm entirely sure you can find anything you want on the interwebs. The difference here sounds like someone just did the job.
  10. I'd just like to add, that despite they're "on my side", I don't actually agree with how the Guinea Pig Farm thing was set up. But Alex okay'ed it, the least he could do is reach out to the same people who reached out to him and tell them that he's decided it's not alright and that changes (or whatever) needs to be made. This is like telling everyone it's OK to light bonfires, then you find out fire might spread and it's dangerous, so you make it illegal and then punish everyone who's had a bonfire previously... Jeeez.
  11. The entire fricking case was laid out for you Alex. This is literally the dumbest shit I've ever seen ANYONE do in ANY game I've EVER played. What if I tell you, that BK has a channel that is only accessible if you're active every day in P&W, where there's lots of cat pictures? You gonna ban BK too? WE HAZ CAT PICTURZ!
  12. You don't see the connections? Bank gets looted bi-weekly => it doesn't really grow a lot. I thought that was simple logic.
  13. Only post in this topic worth 3 seconds of attention.
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