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  1. Eat your God damn pride and take a knee. If you're unhappy. Surrender. It's not that difficult. This isn't WW2 with far reaching implications where we have to treat you better than last time in the fear of some jackass coming in to ruin the show. The latter IS happening, over and over again, no matter if we let you peace out after initial skirmishes or 18 years later. In this game, there's 100 Hitler's for every Churchill. Because we can. You and I know that better than anyone.
  2. I've had about 10 wars the past 3 months. Seven of them the past two weeks. This "war" has been over for a loooong time if you're coalition B. Now it's just a waiting game.
  3. The, literally, only reason I'm still in this game after 2½ years, is the community. The game has so little to offer, the community so much. The wars are boring as hell. The peace time is even worse after a bit. And then, on occasion, you check the OWF and you wish your had cancer in your eyes. The 3% who march these forums like it's the only battlefield that matters are really making it alot worse for all the rest of us. Hence, I've succumbed to posting a lot of meaningless posts for them to reply to. It's been fun. Meanwhile, someone had the lame idea to infect BK's Discord with these annoying anime emojis. I'm a 22 city nation. Anyone want me? Only requirement is you have to have it as your main vision to kill the weebs. :<
  4. Are you saying I'm paying credits for something that Rose does free of charge? Nice.
  5. It happened because George had admin access as head of econ in BK and when he was caught embezzling decided to be a jerk about it. Pretty much all other users of BKNet wasn't aware of all the things you could do, as nobody had malicious intent, so never felt the need to test it. The only reason this turned out as bad as it did, was that it was Leo's account that was synced with the bank system. Had it been mine, nobody would've been able to do anything, but send resources, as I have no actual power in the alliance. In addition; Most of the things that we, as a community playing this game, have made bots for, you could argue should already be in the game. In short, BKN is a banking system. You can request a deposit code. When you deposit using that code, the things you deposit are entered into a bank account, while the resources are being put into the alliance bank. Just like a real bank, where the money you have in the bank aren't your physical money anymore, but still your property. There are so many reasons that a system like that would be preferable to have in the game as a base, as it just makes for much better alliance coorperation and convenience. This shouldn't be a game where the alliances with most people online at all times have the advantages. A simple but functional banking system helps everyone. The same goes for everything else. It's fine that the person gets attacked get a notification via mail, but ultimately, it's the alliance who kind of needs to know so they can act on it. Notification bots work with Discord or forums primarily, but a simple system that makes an in game notification (a red flag next to alliance tab for example) if you're in range could easily do much of the same. I'm no programmer. I don't know what's possible and impossible or difficult or easy. I'm just saying that there's a fine line between having bots/scripts that improve quality of life and gaming experience and bots/scripts/hacks that give you an actual advantage, like using an auto-clicker for Baseball. Anything that's not directly affecting the game, say autobuying deals on market, clicking baseball, automatic warfare, scouting and such. I'm fine with. I'm also hoping that we'll see more introduced in the future to allow people to play more on the game site, instead of having radio shows, companies, news papers, etc. on third party software and pages. Would be cool if I could just get all my P&W things done in one place. More or less.
  6. Don't use logic and reason. Coalition A doesn't understand logic and reason. They've even stolen BK's wartime mantra: "We're too stupid to know we're losing." <-- I've been told that so many times early on in the game. Now I started chanting it in the Discord whenever a war starts and now Coal A have stolen it from us. When both sides are too stupid to know they're losing, it's going to be a loooong game of throwing grass at stone walls.
  7. So it's OK to steal if the fruit stand is outside the shop and nobody's watching? You sound like a really cool guy.
  8. Sure, we can discuss the definition of what it means to get hacked. Long story short; Someone was using a game account that didn't belong to them for malicious actions.
  9. Blitz? This happened more than 24 hours after a "blitz", if you can call it that.
  10. If you get logs where my names says I want you to have cancer, would you also believe that? For all the dumbfrickery and amount of "ermagherd, these guys just don't get [irony, sarcasm, humor, too serious, not serious, etc.]" posts I see from you and your sheep, you sure do take everything as a universal truth when it benefits you the least. Edit: And let me just point out; YES! Deletion, VM nations, alliance memberships HAVE been mentioned on multiple occasions. It's just a war stat. Nothing stops those people from just going inactive, being utterly irrelevant, until the political scene changes and they can return. It's been like that ever since I joined this game and on "both sides of the fence".
  11. Agreed. You shouldn't be allowed to use any bots, scripts or software that actively plays the game for you in a way that you get an in game advantage over other players, for example decoding the Keno, autoclicking baseball for additional money, automatically doing a ground attack when you get declared on, before the attacker can do anything and the likes. Getting banking, which is only a question of how many has access, automated is basically making it more accessible and actually overall safer for the alliance, than having to either be very depending on a few people to send them stuff from the alliance bank OR having no security, but a lot of people have access to the bank. While automated banking like that DOES give an advantage for the ones using it in your example, it's not (in my eyes) an unfair advantage since you're not adding resources to the game, you're simply moving them around. If you ask me, Alex should implement proper banking and other community driven ideas to the game, so we're not having to rely on 3rd party software for companies like banks, newspapers, alliance bank software, etc. If we instead had a sub category, like Baseball, where those things could be enabled and set up properly, everyone would share the same benefits, at least to some extent. This is a community driven game and for a game like that, there's exceptionally few things that you can actually do with other people in the game that's actually engaging (if you imagine playing this game without ever taking anything outside of the P&W site and forum).
  12. Not true. Already touched on this in another topic. That you keep bringing it up doesn't make it true.
  13. I mean. At least there's one group of people who are so far off what's morally and factually true here. Gold and blue, boys and girls. Take a bow. I'm surprised to see Cypher reduced to this kind of rabble. He used to be a reasonable person. And to finish the non-Haiku: Scarf, you're very far from having any idea what you're talking about, it seems. Nice try at appearing whatever little bit sincere.
  14. According to credible sources the hacker is: 1) GOONS!!! GOONS DID IT!!! (unnamed BK member) 2) ERMAGHERD!! ALREDY GOTTED MESSAGE TO JION DEMACIA! THEY MUST'VE DONE IT!!! (other unnamed BK member) This is fun.
  15. It worked. BK is disbanding. Check alliance page for further info.
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