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  1. The guy who's calling us fascists in private messages.
  2. Please don't copy paste directly from Discord. CTRL+SHIFT+V. Know this. Learn this. Use this.
  3. You’ve made someone living somewhere in the dark recesses of the Universe very amused. ....let’s hope the world doesn’t take this as a challenge and contains those insane ****ers.
  4. Dio Brando

    Bill Lock

    This happened to be just today. I was in billock for maybe one turn, I got cash (more than enough for one turn), turn change happened. But my cities were all still unpowered, and it took the game maybe 3 minutes till it recognised I’d paid the bill and it allowed me to actually launch attacks.
  5. You somehow found a way to fit in an Avatar reference. Love it! ❤️
  6. @Pasky Darkfire you're way too good at baiting this guy. He's also not worth it though.
  7. Congratulations! @Epi go back to Ruby as your avatar on Discord. ❤️
  8. The implication therein is that you are familiar with both war mechanics and how wars develop in globals. Given your nation age, it's quite reasonable to assume that you are not. But you're a reroll, so that argument is invalid regardless. Having said that, I don't agree with what Noctis stated; score is far from a perfect metric for military capability, and in general will favour mass-member alliances, and thus not be reflective of one's current military power. (You can however, say that despite the war [x alliances] managed to retain their ranks - given that the vast majority of infra bloat is gone, one must assume that the left-behind NS is far more representative of military units available.Even then, I would argue that due to the nature of mass-member alliances, score is diluted further - and military power is too -; it's a stupid argument to try and make. Further, winning somehow being a product of merely the quantity of military units in one side is a laughable concept too.) Anyway, welcome back. Hope you're having fun with the game.
  9. In another realm, a long, long time back, a certain group of people accused NPO of being Nazis. NPO embraced the symbolism to mock them till they realised how moronic their statements were. Different times - the methods won’t be popular in this day and age, but they were effective and showed how incredibly ridiculous it was to accuse someone of being Nazis when 3/4th of the leadership was Jewish (and vehemently hated the very group they were accused of being). As for KT being under the jackboot... well, that just made me chuckle.
  10. Dude, we're playing P&W. You don't even need to try.
  11. Old reference. Old, old reference. (We're not sure what's going on here, either. But that's RNG.)
  12. Have you made it a rule to shoot cocaine before you post here
  13. That'd explain why you're so hot. (can we get an 'ooooh' in here thanks)
  14. Is your room, by any chance, in the Large Hadron Collider?
  15. This made me laugh so hard. I could hear Steve Carell yelling that out. Thanks for the laughs man.
  16. Bro, don't take loans you can't reasonably pay off in the immediate future. Don't tell people you're going to war with them soon bro. That doesn't work out and it might get you bros hit by the other bros you don't like. ...see why this stereotypical-frat-boy level exchange is painful for others to read? 😛 As for the contents of the OP, it should come as no surprise to anyone who has had the absolute pleasure of dealing with OFA that their leadership is run by people who should be taking both remedial courses in social interaction and English.
  17. I like the Pinocchio piece. It has the sort of aesthetic I appreciate.
  18. It has. I'm not sure what caused it - the damage itself was still recorded, but could still be found by going to the nations concerned (Theo and Cobrastrike). Frawley and LoD are working on optimizing things and making sure incidents like the one @Nizam Adrienne mentioned don't occur. It's a process.
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