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  1. booo i do not like this and now i am sad
  2. This also gave alliance an extra 40 minutes to attack and re-buy as if it was still pre-update, so ripperoni that
  3. You really do know how to ask a loaded question, Roz. Pretty impressive stuff.
  4. Thank you all for participating in the P&W March Madness Extravaganza Sponsored by Zoot! If you'd like to look at all the participants you may do so here Results are as follows 1st Place: Tiber with entry TiberBK 2 (3.3M) 2nd Place: Tiber with entry TiberBK 3 (1.375M) There was a tie for 3rd Place 3rd Place: Leo the Great of Papal States with entry CancerousName#1 (825K) 3rd Place: Jozef of Obiristan with entry CancerousName#2 (825K) I appreciate all that entered and hope to see all of you, and many more, next year!
  5. His name is Who Me and he's in BK. He does his stuff manually, he's just really active
  6. I'd be interested in having a go. Haven't played in a while, but it'll be a while til this gets competitive hopefully.
  7. It passed the Senate, but it still has to go through the House. Hopefully not everyone in Washington is a maniac!
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