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  1. I'm petty and liked to see who liked the things I posted. Pls give back.
  2. Normally I would just slander Anson, but I cant help but applaud him for somehow managing to find the most easily manipulated alliance leaders in the game and taking advantage of them.
  3. lmbo that's not what a !@#$ boy is
  4. Just get rid of Argotitan. Dudes a !@#$ boy
  5. Sometimes, when I see how many threads Argotitan has spammed his nonsense in, I want to just stop following these boards. But who else will play victim to his OOC attacks if I don't?
  6. Quoted for posterity, remember the time you called me names for saying you complained a lot? !@#$ing idiot.
  7. Bolded to reiterate that I am claiming no one expected it(because it's nearly impossible), not that we did it. Read above, you misunderstood what I was saying. I was the person who posted a Pantheon appreciation thread during the war, I'm not trying to discredit you guys and the relief you had on us at all. But BK didn't pin us down with their blitz, which they should have been more than capable of doing. 4head strats.
  8. "Totally dicked"... fighting like 45 rose nations with your like 130 bk and your blitz didn't eliminate us? The funniest part is that your top tier still got !@#$ed up before pantheon even entered. I don't think anyone seriously expected an alliance with ~50 members to 1v1 an alliance with over twice the member count and win every tier. Good job winning the lower tier though, it clearly crippled us. Keep up with the 4head strats.
  9. Reading all these posts about completely abandoning the FA world created over the last few years is hilarious. Mostly because it's from someone who has no clue what the culture here is like.
  10. Its more just whatever I can do to !@#$ with you, Anson, it's strictly personal, dw
  11. Congrats! Thanks for ruining this movie for me. Should be called Guardians of Seekers Ego, since this is what he has to do to save face from VE's failures under his reign.
  12. Adama, Abbas, Partisan, Tim Armstrong, Malone, Yosodog and Fraggle are all exceptionally smart OOC. Prefontaine was good at playing the game but I don't think it was only due to his wit. He had help from Malone on just about everything for the first half and had a lot of friends other than that. Not to discredit the things he did, but the others I listed just have stronger minds imo.
  13. Rose has only ever been led by one person who played that game, and it was Kurdanak back in early 2015. And Kurdanak does not play politics there seeing as he was GPA.
  14. In all honestly, how do we know we can trust you with that much of our own money? You have essentially no reputation here yet.
  15. I think the funniest part of this is that if they wanted to cancel on you, it's a 20 day period
  16. Lol Anson still a !@#$ boy Edit: went to read Marxist dream bio... "If one of our members is raiding you, please contact Chairman Worgenwow and we will get that sorted with the greatest possible expedience. You may also contact the leadership of our MDAP ally, Land of Confusion, if you wish to negotiate with a more established alliance"
  17. Congratulatuons on the progress forward!
  18. Congrats to both parties involved! o/
  19. I truly believe Ibrahim would be an excellent guest for your show.
  20. Hi! Welcome to the boards! I'm sure that shrimp will show up here soon
  21. I understand you left another place to come here, but all you do is complain - so what's keeping you here?
  22. Just leave then, don't let the door hit you on the way out. No one really cares about anything you say, you're just viewed as another complainer. Trying to convince others that intentionally not putting themselves at a disadvantage is stupid, and suggesting for people who cant keep up to just quit is ridiculous. It's not impossible to catch up because purchasing a city for the top guys is absurdly expensive compared to others. If you are that bothered by the strategy used by the dominant players here, then take your own advice and leave. No one wants to read your posts !@#$ing about strategy.
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