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  1. It appears I have overestimated the mental fortitude of NB
  2. Maybe use a strategy that doesn't require getting the shit kicked out of you and mutually assured destruction afterward? I honestly have no fricking clue how war is fun with the methods that your sphere uses.
  3. Give it like 2 or 3 days before we start seeing demands for nukes to be stronger
  4. I mean apeman is also just a notorious shit talker. That should be cb enough.
  5. Pubstomper


    That new raid feature tho
  6. You sure know how to tease a guy ;0
  7. then keep ur salty horde under control :monkaS:
  8. valid cb, come get it UPN @Malal @Matt2004
  9. Two separate great wars happening at once. Game isn't dynamic enough. 

    1. Johnny Costello

      Johnny Costello

      dude a Micro kicked TKR in the balls and has stayed even damages earned to given in the first round. thats like very not dynamic. i deserve credit ;p

    2. Pubstomper


      You are -5500 infra with damages vs TKR. Pls don't @ me dawg. 

    3. Johnny Costello

      Johnny Costello

      a Micro? you really think that credits anything "dawg"

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  10. F**k me man. This is like surreal, I remember Alpha being a child of Guardian way back in the day. This is some anime plot right here.
  11. Literal collision of giants. I love you guys.
  12. You got me. f**k it, I'm joining t$.
  13. Good for you for following through! Good luck, it won't be easy for you.
  14. @hydraik you commented on the top 30-50% of TGH not being reachable. We sold down to hit you guys. Go look at our nations and only a couple didn’t have wars, one of which joined after our blitz had already happened.
  15. Trying to hop on the bandwagon to piss us off for swooping up your princess? Go look at that channel and tell me I was actually being a toxic shit when I posted that lmbo, I was sending puppy photos and spelling all kinds of words with emotes.
  16. Ha we all know that was directed to other tgh members in there. Also don't pretend I didn't bleach your eyes for you immediately after. Showed you my stash of secret photos and this is the appreciation I get.
  17. If he joined TGH he might have some better luck.
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