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  1. If he joined TGH he might have some better luck.
  2. The only thing about this is that it really isn't showing monetary loss. Because I have only lost infra from nukes, in vertical damage, whereas I have only dealt damage horizontally.
  3. Your notoriety escapes your own knowledge, that's how you know you've made it.
  4. Not a war dec, letting me down
  5. Something something you share a mutual ally with someone you are hitting. :monkaS:
  6. Pubstomper

    OWR RoH

    I hope you like golden showers.
  7. Go look at the wars your alliance is losing and why they are losing them.
  8. You can't even hit the tier of 70 percent of the golden horde that blitzed your allies.
  9. @Kriegskoenig I am from polaris. Get f*cked kid. The hippo will torch you every goddamned day SON! EDIT: Changed f*cked
  10. Embrace the Golden Shower.
  11. Pubstomper

    I see you

    @Partisan this reminds me of Great VE war when Rose flipped after the SK leak.
  12. I can guarantee I have been here longer than you, fought in more wars then you, and led alliances during more wars than you. I created one of the only alliances that has fought since the first global war, I played during speed round and beta, I had a protectorate with WWF (TKR v.1), t$, and pantheon when they were founded. I have been interviewed for a news piece on Alex and his game - because of my experiences in the game. Tell me how are you more vetted than me. Go for it.
  13. - Me, about CTemple in another thread, 23 hours ago. - Ctemple, talking shit on TGH, 14 hours ago. Smh. Not even 1 day.
  14. Pubstomper

    I see you

    It's because it's obvious he is bitter the horde has surpassed him We come in plenty.
  15. You are arguing with some of the most vetted people in this game and refuse to accept their opinions. You MUST be correct while all of them MUST be wrong and stupid to disagree with you. Logically speaking, in a "real war", if anything should be buffed to follow real life situations then it would be ships. A real navy is capable of anti aircraft; but that would be game breaking here. Claiming that naval spam is the war tactic is silly. Why do you think so many alliances sit at max planes in peace time? Must be to spam naval attacks. :thinking:
  16. Pubstomper

    I see you

    Lmbo good 1 kid. Have you yet been exposed to the will of our almighty Buorkhan?
  17. I only use dark theme. Call me naughty names boy.
  18. Pubstomper

    I see you

    All I see is acadia with 11 wars doing almost double the damage than you with 50 wars. Shoutout to my boy @TheNG
  19. Pubstomper

    I see you

    @Rogue alpha'd me away from being gay.
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