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  1. Wow you want me to continue to disappoint my mother by admiting that I play shitty nation sims?
  2. Hey what a man does to yuppie scum is his own business
  3. Role play whatever you want, but don't expect people to tolerate it. Everyone has the freedom to do whatever bullshit they want. If they want to use that freedom to role play as nazis, go ahead. If they want to role play as people who murder nazis, go ahead.
  4. Go to feed the beast and get a nice modpack, maybe a texture pack too
  5. Tbh I think nukebloc should hit KT as well for allowing the topic to continue as long as it did.
  6. Why bother posting a thread saying goodbye then?
  7. Didn't you quit? Why don't you make like a tree and !@#$ off then.
  8. We shouldn't need scripts for basic features like this. I mean who runs different set ups in each city?
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