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  1. U do know we lost 250 billion recently thanks to embezzlement bit of a whoopsy there that might be why we got a very low bank left so im gonns leave this here for you .... p.s. i have gone insane(hence i destroyed kings landing)
  2. My suggestion is really simple but one that really needs doing . You cant declare on people who are more than 5 cities below you(doesnt matter if you are within score range). But u can declare on people more than 5 cities above you. As this recent war has shown the big nations can easily drop some infra then declare on people 10+ cities below them then destroy them with there higher mil recruit count per day which makes it un fair on smaller nations Nation A has 30 cities Nation B has 20 cities Nation C has 25 cities cities Nation A cant declare on Nation B but can declare on Nation C Nation B can declare on Nation A and Nation C Nation C Can declare on both Nation A and nation B This helps protect smaller nations from being ambushed unfairly by bigger nations who just sell infra to get in range. But it wont change the game that much or the war system as u can still declare on nations more than 5 cities above you. This still keeps the score range for declarations just stops you from declaring on someone too many cities below you(even if in war range)
  3. Captain Sammie of Tortuga detonated a nuclear weapon upon your nation of Khalidor. The attack destroyed 515.00 infrastructure in the city of Riverrun as well as two a hangars Pay attention to the end in bold
  4. When BK arrives in Westworld with other alliances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX_85ahDhNc Made by Nyanro
  5. Over the last 200 years the Kingdom of Khalidor has been under constant attack from our hostile neighbour "Cenaria" while a armistice was declared 128 years ago after the Godking Ursuul threatened to send nuclear warheads into Cenarian cities and peace lasted for the next 122 years. EMERGENCY NEWS BROADCAST!!!! Cenaria has Invaded Khalidor and the 2 of the cities closest to the border(Black Barrow and Ghost gate) have been over run and captured with all soldiers and civillian casualties expected to be in the thousands. Godking Azoth has lead the entire Khalidorian army north to the border to take back the cities and mount a counter attack. Godking Azoth has issued kingdom wide food rations after Cenaria destroyed most of the kingdoms warehouses of food. We urge all citizens to please stay tuned we will bring you any updates we can.
  6. Hi everyone im fairly new to the game and still learning spent a long time in (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) nice to meet you all
  7. Name: Khalidor Link https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=34471
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