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  1. The resource counts sometime don't load either
  2. I'm just playing eve, it's way more interesting. Lol at the guy saying nations shouldnt earn more than infra'd up 22 city nations. I earn more than just raiding, which is like 10-30 clicks xD There's no incentive to grow in this game, hence the distorted nation scores Baseball nerfs are horrible and players should be compensated for their teams
  3. It was a pleasure meeting you Jack I'm so glad I messaged you that time about raids and stuff. Would have missed out on meeting an awesome person otherwise. You made the world of Orbis richer by your presence and actions. Hope you come back soon, and good luck with rl!
  4. I think we should take cues from npo and recruit from other places. Reddit communities, big forums, other similar games. A larger player base would inevitably solve most problems.
  5. You want to punish people for playing the game, and that's honestly disappointing. Current baseball rewards players fairly based on the effort they have to expend to play it. All games work like that. You play it more, you earn more. That's fair. What's not fair is asking a feature to be nixed because you don't want to put in the effort to be better. As seen in this thread or on any baseball server, NPO is not the only one playing it. There are players from almost every alliance in every sphere. I asked my alliance members to play it (both in Syndicate and in Church of atom), some did because they had the time, and some didn't, because they didn't think the rewards were worth the effort. That's a blatant sign that a feature is balanced. I personally play it while watching movies. It isn't hard. Just use a mobile, and swipe down to refresh. You can do it while relaxing, or when you have nothing else to do. And seriously, who are you to tell us what is more enjoyable? I play eu4, I play age of empires, I play tanki online in my free time. I still like baseball more, for some stupid reason. But that stupid reason is none of your concern. You enjoy posting on the forums, you do that; you enjoy trading, you do that; you enjoy spending time with your family, you do that. Playing baseball and doing these things is not mutually exclusive. It's just that you prioritise different things. That is no reason to nerf or remove baseball. If you can't be bothered to put in the effort that you know will give you the rewards, it's on you; not NPO or any other baseball player.
  6. 17k minimum, 25k maximum, 30-50% of which goes to tip the other player
  7. Just like a certain other game ? Baseball is what makes pnw great for me -- and, I'm sure, for many others. Instead of nerfing it, why not make it more enjoyable by adding leagues, a good tipping system, and the plethora of things suggested by jasper and others -- so that others can also enjoy it? Just because some people don't want to put in the effort to use a particular mechanic, doesn't mean it should be removed. I don't use trading much because I think clicking buy sell and then creating and updating offers is annoying. Does that mean trading should be removed because some 'no life' people are monitoring and trading the whole day? It's an open system, you put in the time, you get rewarded. Even in this thread you have people from multiple spheres advocating for it. It's perfectly balanced as it is. Why remove something that makes people addicted to your game?
  8. First time in my life I haven't been in an alliance not in npo sphere xD
  9. You did notice that most of the players (all 4-5 of them) who have earned enough to get to city 40 have been playing this for 5 years right? When looking at the money made, you have to look at the effort expended by the people involved. In this case, it's effort expended is quite proportional to the money people make from it. It's nothing special. People make much more using trades or raids. I have made much more on raids with much less effort than I did by pulling all nighters in baseball. It's not like the mechanic is restricted. If you or any person in any alliance wants to play it, they can. If they want to make millions, they can put in hours on grinding. As you must've noticed in this thread, the player group is quite diverse, with players from almost all the alliances. It's a great feature that facilitates peaceful and fun interaction between members from diverse alliances. I would've never met half the people I did if I hadn't started playing it. There's as much need to nerf it as there is to nerf raiding or trading; that is to say, none at all.
  10. Still it comes back to the same thing that the others said. Even if someone did it, why punish the actions of one guy by punishing a whole group. Baseball players are THE most active players in the game. Someone said in a server that people shouldn't be rewarded for having no life and playing for hours on a stupid text based baseball simulation. How we spend our lives is upto us isn't it? That can be said for everyone in this game, or any text based game for that matter. You find cheaters, you take action against them, simple as that. Why ruin an awesome mechanic of the game? Why do the admins want to ban things that even mildly inconvenience them? Yes, you can make hell of a lot of money with baseball, but that's by putting in hours and hours of your life into it. I barely pay attention to raiding, and I've looted more than 800m+ by just raiding inactive applicants. I made 100m in one day with trades by just looking at buy/sell differences. Baseball doesn't need fixing. If you want to put more anti bot measures, fine by me, just don't ruin a mechanic just cause some people who don't want to play baseball think the plebs clicking for hours are earning too much.
  11. Still, 12k games are just not possible. It will take someone at 100 games per 10 minutes near 20 hours to do it. Even if someone was playing 200, which again is not possible, it will take them 10 hours of continuous high intensity playing without any breaks to get close to that number. That is no where near normal, and even, no where near possible.
  12. Do you know how much time will be needed to play 12k games a day for even the most hard core player? Considering 100 games per minute (and that is a really really high number, mind you; most people do 50-60 at most), they'll have to play for 12k/(100x6)= 20 freaking hours 20 hours!!!! If someone is playing for that long continuously, they shouldn't be stopped, they should be given a fricking world record and a donation for a hand surgery.
  13. The only reason I started playing pnw seriously is baseball. It's time wasting, it's instantly gratifying, and even if you spam clicks, you have to work hard for hours and hours to make real money. Trading takes way less effort and people earn much much more from it than anything they would earn from baseball. There's a great side culture that's evolved from baseball, with small and very active international communities who love baseball coming together. It is the right mix of effort vs profits earned. There are a ton of different things that need to be fixed, baseball isn't one of them. It's a peaceful and engaging game and a great way of increasing activity. Baseball brings people from all alliances together. I'm in a server with people from BK, Syndicate, Grumpy, Rose, CoA, NPO, tCW, Weebunism and it is all because of baseball. At its core it's something that brings people together, unlike the other aspects of the game. If you don't want to fix it, atleast don't ruin it. The no.s you point out to have been accumulated over years. Those who have grown fast have grown fast because they literally put in 8+ hours every day into the game. Nerfing or removing the mechanic would be a wasteful endeavour. 1/10th is an outrageous amount considering the intense effort people put in to play it (if they're trying to make money).
  14. I have no idea what I was saying. Probably confused this post with some other one. Aaaand drunk, so y'know. 10/10 post. o/ Clark
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