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  1. What do you think I am, a charity?
  2. RIP Tay, We will not forget you. Sparta would like to announce that we have generous benefactor. Sparta is now fully protected by the vast money and power of the Saudi regime. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=22725 We would like to thank Park for his generous donation of protection for our meager alliance. Signed, Vosunda
  3. Gotta love it when your naval attacks do more than a nuke. You ordered a naval attack upon the nation of Glangevlin led by High King Malichy. The attack was an immense triumph. Your forces lost 0 ships, while High King Malichy's defenders lost 0 ships. You used 1,125 tons of munitions and 750 tons of gasoline executing the attack. The attack destroyed 954.84 infrastructure in the city of Eshveagh and destroyed 0 improvements.
  4. Guys I only come when summoned. That being said... I wouldn't really call it a level playing field.
  5. Don't paint all of us with such a broad brush!! That's very intolerant. That's like saying asians can be, and often tend to be extraordinarily good at math.
  6. I'm gay and I'm sexist. Checkmate progressives.
  7. How was Grumpy -really- supposed to have known that Sparta would hit them when we did? We honestly just arbitrarily chose an alliance to hit and then a date, a week or two in advance to make sure that our membership would be ready. There's plenty of alliances I would have rather hit than Grumpy. But I wanted to hit -something-.
  8. I love seeing Caecus still butthurt and spouting the same drivel about that situation.
  9. I was in class when you messaged me and I forgot and never got around to it. Ha.
  10. You lack context but we're having a blast here. Friendly banter with our Hogwarts lovers. It's like a TEst reunion.
  11. we didn't even predict this
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