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  1. HELSINKI, 15 MARCH, 2003 Reports have surfaced that during the shift from 14 to 15 March under the cover of darkness, Finnish soldiers have crossed over the border and have begun a military advance onto local villages and small cities that dot White Karelia, a province which has not aligned itself with any nation that is internationally recognized. Initial reports of the numbers indicate that the Grand Duchy of Finland has been low-key in the previous few months, seemingly having spent a lot of time planning and orchestrating so as to make sure that this invasion is carried out without any flaws or hitches. The casualties are reportedly rather low amongst personnel, although surprising high amongst equipment- Due to the geography of the region, several Finnish armoured cars, tanks and APCs have been abandoned after getting stuck in ditches, high snow or having been driven into frozen lakes that cracked under the weight of the equipment. No reports of fighting have thus far been received, and it appears as if the invasion will be successful if these initial reports prove accurate. However, the Grand Duchy now faces the biggest challenge of the invasion yet; Dealing with the international response to this news. In a televised address to the nation, freely also broadcast to other nations across the globe, the Grand Duchess made an appearance for the first time in several months, stating the following; "My fellow Finns. I am sure that you have become aware that as of today, Finnish soldiers have crossed past the borders of our nation, into the wasteland to our East. I know that some among you will consider this act aggressive, or uncalled for. But to you I say that this is the right thing to do. The people living in the areas that Finnish soldiers are walking into as we speak are not our enemies, and we never intended to invade them with the intention of killing them or taking from them what they have. No, no. We are marching into White Karelia because we wish to protect these people, as fellow Karelians and Finno-Ugric peoples, and allow them the ability to sleep with the knowledge that they are safe under the protection of the Crown of Finland." The Finnish government also appears to have supported the invasion, as during this address, several members of Finnish parliament could be seen standing behind the Grand Duchess, clapping their hands after she finished her speech.
  2. Update time. As most of you might have already guessed, I've not had the most time to keep updating this map and participate in too much roleplay the past couple of weeks. I've had a lot of real-life things going on (Increased Uni work) and to top it off I'm also tasked with the duty of keeping people from breaking the forum rules on the National Affairs & In-Depth Roleplaying subforums. I'll thus be updating the map once or twice every month, so as to put less of a strain on my daily duties, but I'll do my best to continue keeping it updated to the best of my abilities even with only a monthly or biweekly update. Accepted! Please allow me some time to place you on the map, however, as I'm no longer in a timely shape to continuously update the map every few days. But in terms of the roleplaying map, consider yourself accepted! I'll add you to own Turkey when I'm able to work some more on the map! Don't worry, I've listed it in my brain as being yours, I simply haven't had time to work on the map yet. I'll move your claim to where you want it once I have the time to make such changes. I can do that, but due to time constraints (Reasons listed above) it might take a while for changes to go through. I plan on doing an update once every few weeks, so as to not overtask myself too much with constantly updating this every time a new person wishes to join or move.
  3. I'm going to have to say no on this one. If you ask me again in a few weeks, then perhaps, but as it stands you made a claim, then you asked me to move your claim less than a week later, and now, a week after that, you're asking me to move it again for you. I'm saying no and keeping your location as it is for a few more weeks, because at this point I can't tell whether or not if I move you, whether you'll want to move around again a week after I actually move your claim for you. (I'm quite busy and constantly switching people's locations around on the map would take up even more of my time, so please just ask again in a week or two, so that I know you're serious about wanting to move to your new location.)
  4. Name: Sintiya av (House) Gothenburg Family: (Listing only currently living members) ; King Zafrizackery of Sweden (Brother), Eva-Beatrice of Rokkenjima (Wife), Solaris of the Eastern Asian Republic (Brother-in-law), Culture: Swedo-Finnish Languages spoken: Swedish, Finnish, Russian, English, Latin Hair Color: Silver (?) / White Eye Color: <!> Green (?) or Red (?) (Reliable source needed) Height: 5'0" / 1.52 meters Weight: 90 lb / 41.2kg Grand Duchess Sintiya was born somewhere in February, 1977 (Orbis)/1991, as the first child to the former Swedish royal family. However, given the Kingdom of Sweden's Agnatic succession rule, this meant that she was not able to aspire to inherit anything beyond a few honourary titles, and it was with some disdain that Sintiya's parents looked upon her, for in her family's eyes, from the day she was born she had been a disappointment to them. It wasn't until Sintiya's younger brother, Zafrizackery, was born almost ten years later, that her family started to treat her better, because now all of a sudden she had a younger brother to help take care of. In-between balancing her homeschooling and private school work, the young Sintiya would also start to attend a Swedish military Academy at the age of 16, so that perhaps she could grow up to be a figurehead for one of the arms of the Royal Swedish Armed Forces. She would attend the military Academy for several years for five days a week, making sure to go home to the Gothenburg Manor every weekend so she could make sure that her younger brother, Zafrizackery, had someone to play with and someone to talk to. This would continue for several years, until eventually at the age of 23, a few years after a disastrous accident killed Sintiya's and Zafrizackery's parents, which ended with the succession of Zafrizackery to the Swedish Throne, that Sintiya herself would be given a title by her brother. And so it was, that by the young Swedish King's decree it was declared that from that day forward, the autonomous and mostly-independent Grand Duchy of Finland was established, with the newly crowned Grand Duchess Sintiya as its Head of State. Not too longer after having been crowned the Grand Duchess of Finland, Sintiya was seen on several occasions to be socializing extensively with the leader of Rokkenjima, Eva-Beatrice. After several months of rumours and whispers, said rumours were confirmed; The Grand Duchess would eventually enter into marriage with Eva-Beatrice of Rokkenjima, who would subsequently relocate to the previously Fenno-Swedish Aland Islands. Lacking an upbringing that gave her any meaningful teachings or know-hows on how to run a country (Given how she was never expected to in the first place by her parents), the Grand Duchess has been forced to learn and adapt quickly to the life of a Monarch- Continuously trying her best to establish diplomatic ties and strengthen relations with other nations, whilst at the same time finding time to visit both her younger brother back in Sweden, as well as her wife, every so often. (( Sintiya is also ridiculously naïve and should not be trusted to handle diplomatic issues. Please refer to the actual Parliament and Government proper of Finland should you wish to inquire into more information regarding the Grand Duchess. ))
  5. On hold- I can't really add you to the map until you give me a link of your claim location/describe where your country would be located on the world map. I've added a few Danish provinces given how the invasion occurred back in March and it is now April, although it may still take a while to add the remainder of what you claimed in your invasion to be recognized on the map to be yours. (I'm sure you understand that this is to make sure nobody ends up claiming the entire world and getting away with it.) Accepted & Added! (It may take a few hours to update, but for all intents and purposes consider yourself added to the map!) --- I'd like to apologize for the recent lack of posts or updates on my behalf- I've had a lot of things going on and as a result haven't been around too much. I hope things calm down a little bit for me in the real world so I can focus more on our little community sooner, rather than later! Again, apologies for the delay!
  6. Breaking News The Parliament of the Grand Duchy of Finland's latest press release has called Sweden's military occupation and annexation of Denmark and German Rostock 'illegal', and has called out its suzerain overlord in Sweden as setting a 'bad precedent'. In a statement by one of Finland's top officials, the following; "It's unacceptable. In this modern day and age, I think the concept of military occupation and annexation is completely and utterly unacceptable, and it goes against everything we believe in, here in Finland. Out of respect for our Grand Duchess' familial ties I am unable to comment on how deeply this affects Finland, as many in the world would see us as a puppet nation of Sweden, but I shall say it now and I'll say it again- What Sweden has done, and is doing, to Denmark, is unacceptable, and I expect better from them. As a fellow Nordic peoples, the Danish people should have been asked whether or not they wished to join the Swedish dominion- Not be invaded and have those democratic rights to choose their national allegiance, taken from them." The Grand Duchess herself was unavailable to comment on the situation as she was returning from a skiing trip in the North of Finland. An emergency meeting has been called between the Grand Duchess and her Parliament in order to discuss and ascertain the Grand Duchy of Finland's actions and official response to the current development in Denmark. Many fear that this will cause a divide between Finland and Sweden- Or, worse yet, a divide between Finnish Parliament and the Finnish Monarchy- As the Monarchy will want to continue to support its Swedish roots and ties, but the Finnish Parliament may want to impose sanctions or other measures upon Sweden for its perceived illegal occupation of Danish and German lands. A compromise may have to be made. The emergency meeting is scheduled to occur within a few days, and the Grand Duchy of Finland has stated that it will decide on a course of action within 7 (seven) days.
  7. Accepted & Added! Accepted & Added! ( I added as many Indian provinces as the 50 province limit allowed! ) Accepted & Added!
  8. Ah. I didn't even see the black dot! My bad. Updated! (I gave you the province within which the dot is. Hope that's alright!)
  9. It is now. It took a while to be uploaded to imgur. (FYI; I've personally adjusted down your provinces down to the maximum initial claim of 50, as the whole of Brazil would've surpassed the maximum initial claim.) Alright, then. That's be.. ~37-38 provinces, so that'd be the majority of the East Coast provinces you have. Any few select provinces you'd like to keep? (Since your West Coast claim is 7 provinces, that'd leave you with about 5 East Coast provinces that wouldn't go towards Japan.)
  10. Accepted & Added! On hold. Please provide a reason as to why you want to switch locations. (I don't have the time to continuously change people's locations on the map if everyone keeps wanting to change places. Just want to make sure you really want to swap locations.) I'll get right on it! I'll accept & add you for now- However- Do please be very careful where you step in terms of roleplaying Fascism/Extreme Far Right; Certain imagery and actions (The swastika, for example) would be breaking the rules, and as such I do advise caution. I've added you, though, in the hopes that you have a good understanding of what is acceptable and what is not. If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to send me a forum PM. _____________ I've recently revised the ruleset on this thread- Please read the rules again and make sure you understand them. -Sintiya
  11. "Caretaker You are patient, gentle, and kind. You take care of the elderly, the disabled, and the young." "What nonsense is this?! I'll have you know I'm absolutely ruthless and unforgiving! But that wasn't on the test, now, was it?!" The Grand Duchy of Finland has hereby enforced a nation-wide ban of the quiz in question, citing that it is faulty and dangerous.
  12. You're exactly right.. Hm. I probably ended up not checking which map I was editing (Early revision, probably.) I'll edit it back in as soon as I'm able! Thanks for pointing it out!
  13. Accepted & Added. I counted 37 provinces for the remainder of Australia, so I appropriated all of New Zealand and a couple of islands to you as well. I'm going to have to elaborate on this quite a bit. Sheepy doesn't have the time himself to continuously check up on the roleplaying forums to keep everything in check and make sure everyone is following the rules. (He's already got to work on the game proper, as well as check all the rest of the forums. Dealing with RP-specific issues as well would be getting quite much.) As such, I've been appointed as the leader of this subforum, to nudge people who are interested in roleplaying out their nations towards a slightly more organized, in-depth way. So whilst a new subforum could be created eventually if enough people are interested in that, there's going to be changes. These rules that I have laid out aren't affecting 'free form roleplay' - They are measures to prevent people from breaking immersion and negatively affecting roleplay. We're all here to hopefully have fun, and I'll do my best to help everyone out as best I can in setting up a wonderful roleplaying community. Accepted & Added. Accepted & Added. Accepted & Added for as much as possible! Accepted & Added. Already did so the moment I gave Eastern Poland to Poland! Accepted & Added.
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