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  1. The individual doing this heinous act will be brought to justice.
  2. All great alliance die young, that’s what makes them great.
  3. You guys had a worse voter turn out than a US election.
  4. There once was a man from Sirius, who’s debt was so long he could.... Good luck with the reformed Government.
  5. I give it 3 weeks and Rose will be Cornhuskers again.
  6. These guys are pretty cool. They’ve put up with me for the last 3 days, so they are alright in my book.
  7. Let us all pray to the Space Uncle.
  8. Congratulations to those involved!
  9. I’ve been pretty successful with this market strategy in the past. My first futures market was in 2014, believe it or not. The great thing about it is I make money and the buyer almost always saves money too.
  10. “All you need, at the cheapest price anywhere!"Hello, are you familiar with Planet Bob tech deals? No? On planet Bob, bigger nations give smaller nations money upfront for a delivery of tech(resources). I believe this same practice can be implemented on this planet, as well. I'd like to sell you resources. You pay me upfront and I'll pay you completely in 20 days or less. Due to the time involved for you, I'm selling at a steep discount.For the time being, the largest sum of any resource I'll sell is 500 tons. My nation is fairly new, but with growth will be able to support larger sums in the near future. At this time, all deals will be conducted by private message. I have no set prices and quoted prices are subject to change daily. Again, please send me a private message explaining which resources you want and I will respond promptly.Thank you!- NMAResources Available:IronOilGasFoodUraniumNEW OFFER!!I am now doing short term deal of just 4 days! Need food to keep your army fed for a short period? Need gas and munitions for a few airstrikes? My resource exchange is here for you! Your payment upfront, 200 resource orders max, paid over a 4 day period. Rates will be slightly higher than my 20 day deals due to the short term date. The advantage of this deal is I will send resources daily, rather than every 10 days.Futures owed:
  11. I start a new nation after being away for a couple years and then one of the alliances that first helped me reforms. Strange stuff!
  12. goddamn you already know who i am
  13. Restore my nation Sheepy or you shell face the wrath of the golden truth®
  14. Cause it says "no email found" when I try forgot password. P.S I'm gay
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