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  1. Recognition of Hostilities In these tumultuous times of uncertainty, it is important to stand up for what is right and to stand up for your alliance. Approximately an hour ago, The $yndicate entered into a State of War with the New Pacific Order. We responded with swift justice. Now, there is peace in our time. o/ New Pacific Order o/ The $yndicate o/ Treaties
  2. I support the rolling of NPO. Death to communism. All Hail our new Overlord Partisan.
  3. I should have taken the wager. Alas, one more alliance down for him.
  4. Can't wait for you to join us down the line too.
  5. The Pacifican way of rolling Vanguard.
  6. I am quite excited for this treaty. I am thankful that TKR reached out to us early on and has maintained an open and honest line of communication in which we have built our relationship. I look forward to growing as allies. o/ TKR
  7. Typical.... ComradeMilton we will have our special treaty one day. Just you wait!! o/ VE
  8. Gandalf promised me Legos. I am disappointed. Ah well, here's to working with some great people! o/ SK
  9. It's still happening. When I sent resources to Shurukian (brand new nation) it worked fine and didn't eat anything from our bank. When I sent resources to Aero Xross (fresh re-roll) through the bank, he got everything but the 1500 steel and 1000 aluminium.
  10. We're coming up on our 10 year anniversary in that realm. During that time we have made a lot of good and bad decisions. That being said, this realm is not that one and while there are many that have come over, we do not play cross politics. We look to build on our history here.
  11. SK-NPO protectorate... totally 5 days ago... *coughs*
  12. Hooray, more forums for me. (needs more StockHunter)
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