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  1. A weak man alone can't stand up by himself. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Maybe it is time for you to seek a new protector.
  2. I agree, maybe everyone around their war range attack and wipe them out. right?
  3. One must admit that they cheat if there is proof. If there is no solid proof one must deny, deny and deny.
  4. I got tíred of looking for opennings. Hodor am willing to face You one on one once You recover. If You survive, dont let me down.
  5. I allways thought that a Hound Was loyal to its family. Yet You lead them to their down fall.
  6. I dont think You are. Unless of course rose sends You money.
  7. There aré still people who Want loot. I doubt that a change of gov will bring peace.
  8. Hondor? Why do you and everyone else fight? Is it for honor or becuse you aré told to.
  9. Sounds like fun. but we aré on the same side Maybe Néxt time.
  10. i kinda wasted everything to build a new city. I am curently at about 2/3 of my full airforce. If you want me to go out with me, i could build moré. Once i have the money of course, any tips on how to make fast money?
  11. I hope CU has enough money to rebuild. You guys got destroyed.
  12. I am tired of looking for empty slots. If someone wants me to hit them, plz give me your link. I promise a quik fight. By the way you must be in SK or guardians.
  13. I really think you aré all wrong. Even if there Was no leak and rose Sk and Guardián went to war, all the allances would still tema against Them. There is a pattern, take out the top 10 allances one by one. First GPA, then VE, and had their plan worked it would have rose next. After that who knows,only They do. Some people saw this which is why we all go to war.
  14. Before saying DEIC is not realiable and Weak, you must learn way They aré fighting CU and not everyone is fighting.
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