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The Most important alliance in the war.

This'll surprise you, actually. It wasn't Guardian or SK, even though they declared. Nor was it VE, tS or UPN. It was Dutch East India Company.   Why? Well, thats because they had they ever attacked the war would be complete different.   They had a chance to hit tS and BK before they declared on Guardian and Co. Had they done this, then VE would still be getting rolled today. tS and BK would have been all but eliminated, UPN and BoC would never have gotten into the war. TEst wouldn't have ne




The VE war

The VE war didn't come as a shock. We knew one day guardian and SK would hit VE. We knew VE's allies would hit back. None of this has come as a surprise. But what will come as a surprise is the atmosphere after the war.   The way Orbis is, there are 4 major blocs, Guardian Bloc(Sk, guardian, TEst) The Covenant(BoC, UPN, DEIC) VE Bloc(tS, WWF, BK, CS) and the Rose Bloc(US, Vanguard). With Guardian Bloc and VE bloc knocking each other down using up resources, the atmosphere of power will shift t



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