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  1. Sure. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=13
  2. I run a MC server, it's plain at the moment with very limited shit installed, feel free to jump on it. Server IP: Dynamap: No mods currently installed. Planed additions Factions IRC channel Lumberjack mod Suggestions are happily wanted.
  3. Why? So I can open the door to hacking and exploiting shit. !@#$ no.
  4. Any want for it? If I purchase one, will it be used? What would people want? Who has experience installing mods and whatnot on the servers?
  5. I play with my buddies and we have our own server to vop on as most of the stuff we talk about can get you banned using the in game one.
  6. Twas a good match. I think I ended up with 2-3 kills before blowing up.
  7. Doing some realistic with my buddy earlier.
  8. You're welcome to come play with me and my guys. We play Tanks/realistic. We run mostly tier 4's and have a good laugh.
  9. I haven't played it very much.
  10. Being screwed over by SK is a trait of the alliance. I'd have thought TEst would've learnt that months ago.
  11. Been awhile DEIC See you on the battlefield.
  12. Hit me up if you ever want to play again.
  13. It's amazing when someone on the other side calls out shoddy mechanics. Yet when it's your side, it's perfectly acceptable.
  14. What situation? We're losing some wars, boo-hoo. Been there done that before, it's no big deal to lose some infra. We've learnt new things within Vanguard, we've also learnt that our opponents lack spines, as per hitting an alliance like 1/3 of their size. Also fyi, this announcement is totally serious.
  15. It is with great regret and a heavy heart that we have decided to surrender to the fierce forces of Mensa HQ. Under the terms of the surrender, MrHat shall be given viceroyalty over Mensa HQ and the total cash value of 1,000,000,000 dongs shall be sent from Mensa HQ's bank shall be deposited to Vanguard by noon 24th of August. /s/ Vanguard Gov
  16. If you're serious, drop me a PM and we can chat.
  17. I created a clan early this year and on the site itself, I've decided to start a gaming/tech & hardware news blog. Currently I'm after a few writers to help me with writing articles related to anything within general entertainment. The site itself is, http://vgcn.net/and the news section is http://vgcn.net/News I'll stress, it's nothing to do with Vanguard on P&W. We have the same name but we were around prior to the alliances creation on this game. Anyone interested?
  18. Not tested to an acceptable level, 1.8k tanks in a single airstrike (I had near on 7000 less than 30 mins ago) and now I'm below 200, that's not something with a war system that's suppose to last a few rounds and have various aspects. Hell, if you strictly hit air attacks against people with tanks. You're doing more damage than if you actually nuke them due to the resource/unit loss. When the damage is that high, something is wrong. Why build tanks then? Why doesn't everyone focus on air? I mean, hit them once and you'll wipe their entire military out because sheepy overlooked yet another issue to rush and get a useless baseball feature out.
  19. Infra damage I can understand. However the damage dealt against tanks is beyond atrocious, I didn't have an insignificant amount of aircraft vs his either, just over 1/4th of his total (200 vs 800) which I get is still a small amount so I would be in a losing battle. However not to an extent like that where it's beyond broken. This is why you don't change shit without testing it first.
  20. What're we sealing? People realize joining the bloc changed nothing right? We were already treatied to both alliances..... Right?
  21. Fair enough, this has to be one of the worst suggestions I've ever seen on this game and I've been here a long time.
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