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    Boting talk

    i could have sworn we already went over this and agreed that bots preforming in game actions were against the rules and any future us of them would be harshly punished? is that not why this text was added to the captcha page? " Your account has been randomly screened to verify your identity as a human. This measure is being taken due to the presence of "bots" and "scripts" that some players attempt to use to cheat. "Bots" or "scripts" which play the game for you are strictly against the Game Rules. We apologize for causing this inconvenience. Once you have verified your identity, you will be redirected back to your previous page. "
  2. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146719 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146719&display=war good luck getting that war page to load. alternative angle https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4150&display=war so yeah somehow he has declared 5 wars from beige... ok so he is not on beige, but clearly something in his custom nation page is not only making it look like he is but making it difficult to even interact with his nation page
  3. cities are way to low in score value. i also think some military is to high in score, but that may just be there relative value and i would think it would be better to raise other values and reevaluate before making to many changes at once. projects are also defiantly to low value and i could see an argument that not all projects should have the same value. there is also the issue of land. it cant be destroyed and adds nothing to score. with the new projects adding major food demand and food production going to 0 in major global wars it makes land an even better investment. in peace times it lets you grow even more food, which can either sustain you through a war or be sold at massive profits. im not sure what, if anything, should be done with land but i would be remiss not to mention it.
  4. Roz, regardless of what happened with Pantheon you played this wrong. now everyone is distracted by this inconsequential discussion and the unacceptable peace terms offered are being brushed under the rug.
  5. or you guys could have you know, like, tried actually having military?
  6. so when they hit you its an infringement on Alpha's sovereignty? what about Terminus Est sovereign right to attack you?
  7. have you never spent 5 days either infra bombing someone or being infra bombed? its painful and there often is nothing you can do to stop it.
  8. i would love to see a full list. maybe some kind of formula to take city count into consideration for us relatively smaller nations.
  9. did you miss the part about the large bag of gold?
  10. feels good to stretch my sea legs again
  11. there really should be an option to pick between at least 3 different times for day change. you could tie it to in game nation location, or not. give 1 free change and allow people to change it for 2 credits after that. you even make some money from the pay to win crowd who would buy credits to get multiple day resets in a short amount of time during war.
  12. or just wait until people have enough infra to make using a nuke worth it. just because there are shiny toys available doesn't mean you need to play with them.
  13. well deserved promotions to both of you.
  14. i had fun fighting Mensa and Seven Kingdoms, sadly i never go the chance to fight a Guardian Nation. its been fun, now its time to move on to more raids.
  15. oh good, im running low on offensive slots. so now i can hit you guys by getting you to declare on me? win win?
  16. cripple the smaller side of the war even more eh? its already bad enough when you get outnumbered 4:1 or more, just because people are having difficulty coordinating and rotating there nations to take advantage of there massive numerical superiority doesn't mean you need to change the way war works. the more advantages it is to have massively lopsided wars the more lopsided they will get until every war is just a curb stomp. its heading that way as it is but at least now if you outplay your opponents after they beat you down some you have a chance to turn the tide. this will end comebacks in wars unless new people join them, and new people almost never join the losing side of a war.
  17. i heard someone declared on us, i got all then i was told they had nobody over ~400 score and i got all
  18. i alrday got my bonus a long time ago but in game it still says i havnt linked an account. so if you could figure out why it thinks that and make the notification stop showing up that would be great. nation name: im317 nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=10880
  19. going to a moving web is not a good option, i have done the more 3D version and its just not the same. i looked around to see if i could find a old copy of Lord Sharpe's web, which was a more clean 2D web, but i couldnt find a active link to it. the most difficult part of making a new web like the LoSS one is getting all the initial treaties in place. after that as long as you update it frequently its not that difficult to maintain. the LoSS web version would have to be modified some to work with the higher scores alliances have in P&W, i never worked on that version so i dont know how difficult it would be. you could ask Ogaden or maybe Shadow since they were behind setting up hosting on the RIA forums.
  20. right, that is more complicated and it only covers specific wars. my point was that the treaty web here isnt all that complicated yet.
  21. its cute how you think the next update for this is going to be complicated. wake me up when you have to start listing alliances in 2 different spots just to make things work, or when it wont all fit on a normal sized screen even when the flags are like 1/6th the current size(to the point where an allaince with 5 letters in its name spills over the edge of its flag). who am i kidding this isnt even remotly close to any of those things, just wake me when there are 50+ alliances represented with 30+ having at least 2 treaties.
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