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  1. Malleator

    If I put NPO in the title will this thread be 30 pages?

    1V1 ME PONG
  2. Malleator

    Is it OF-okAy to be a Nazi? Bad pun :^)

    Yes, it's okay to be a national socialist.
  3. Malleator

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    I forget if I posted this already in here, sorry in advance if I did, but I want to make sure this was added to the official propaganda thread where it belongs.
  4. Malleator

    The South Has Risen Again

    Yay, hopefully the idiots don't try to unfairly suppress you guys again. If you guys need any graphical or script support hmu, it was complete bull how you guys were treated last time around.
  5. Congratulations to the married couple. Was a priest of Dio at the ceremony?
  6. Malleator

    The current meta and you.

    I don't like how the current war mechanics are completely broken, and more specifically, how beiging deincentivizes winning wars mechanically. One can either drag wars on at the detriment to everyone's patience, or they can end them quickly and hand the mechanically defeated a free rebuild. The system perhaps has the right idea, but the design in the end of the day fails and is bypassed as much as possible. Additionally, cheese strats like one shipping are very silly, yet viable with the current system. War needs a make over.
  7. Malleator

    The future of Orbis in 2142

    It's amazing that the ingame date is 2042, yet we don't even have satellites, and we're still using the same super outdated planes and stuff. It's almost as if the god who made our world just doesn't care, or is too busy making forum rules no one likes and can't be bothered to improve our world.
  8. I'm torn. On one hand, the needless and nearly nonsensical announcements are annoying, and I would like them to stop already. On the other, I do enjoy the occasional spiced up post.
  9. Malleator

    This is a brave new world we're living in

    "Half their size." The rest I could resist replying to, but this point I really dislike. We basically have the equivalent of two City 10 nations vs one city 40 nation, and you jackals are saying it's an unfair fight all the time, true, it is, but not at all to the disadvantage of City 40 like you so commonly assert: the city 40 of course being the analogue to KERCHTOG in this analogy. This war is a peasant revolt, not the nobility cracking down on dissidents. Coal B has the numbers because they require the numbers to stand a chance against the 8k score whales and their reign of terror, and it bothers KERCHTOG members to no end that their whale hegemony isn't enough to curtail the peasant horde, and they clamor and they wail that it is impossible for them to be losing against mere peasants, so it must be unfair and rigged. I am here to tell you today that it is, in fact, not unfair or rigged. Coal B simply has four city 10 nations for every city 40 nation you have.
  10. Malleator

    Legitimate proof of TKR KT planed truce...

    I for one accept this completely legitimate and irrefutable proof that KETOGG and CHAOS was IQ all along.
  11. I asked a neural network chat bot your nonsensical question.
  12. Malleator

    IQ declares on IQ

    NPO isn't the hero we deserve... NPO is the hero we need.
  13. What are your investment options?
  14. Malleator

    How long will this war go on for?

    No later than December.

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