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  1. Malleator


    I've never seen production values so high!
  2. All the alliances leaving Swamp should form a new bloc named Bloc of Duloc or Realm of Farquuad.
  3. Not surprising considering how in the recent "leaks" Hannah seemed to be one of the most vocally reasonable in the room. And if the most vocally reasonable in the room is leaving first, it would be funny if the most vocally unreasonable stayed until dissolution... Which alliance is Henrik in, again?
  4. Is it really true that you gentlemen have a FREE prune juice fountain for members?
  5. What's with all the leaving messages being posted in Alliance Affairs recently?
  6. I am the collective children of the union between two alliances? This is gonna be one messed up family tree; especially after I'm done doing what I'm about to do in about five minutes.
  7. Congratulations on the marriage. When are we expecting children?
  8. How silly, I'll never refer to Eggclipse as Eggclipse, and no supernatural or natural force exists that would compel me to ever do so.
  9. Who are you? Why's this in Alliance Affairs? Is it naptime yet?
  10. And while we're at it, can we talk about how any alliance that takes taxes is literally stealing from their members and stunting their growth?
  11. Live and let live! Let bygones be bygones! Agree to disagree! And most importantly, don't waste all your time arguing with strangers over the internet! ... Just some of your time... Usually when drunk... And or bored... @Ryleh ... JK, I love you Ryleh, you know I'm just joking.
  12. Redistribute his yachts to the people!
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