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  1. Malleator

    Declaration of War

    Okay, I thought it seemed pretty fishy.
  2. Malleator

    Declaration of War

    Is that Roq interview actually real? It's sounds like a sound board, and I've never heard Roq before, so I can't tell. Usually he types far more eloquently.
  3. Malleator

    Declaration of War

    If one's enemy is weak, why shouldn't one strike? Does the weak not understand that the consequence of weakness is the invitation of attacks of opportunity? Should then one be sorrowful or be called a cheat when seizing opportunities? Despite that all are aware of the possible outcomes? Should I break my own legs and howl out, "Unfair!" when I lose a foot race? Likewise, should I start a fight with one man knowing that a second lies in wait? If the second interferes, shouldn't I be to blame for willingly and knowingly putting myself in such a position?
  4. Malleator

    Happy Birthday to Grumpy!

    A 1000 days of crankiness.
  5. Malleator

    All Hail

    ss23 making spiritual successor of PnW called War and Politics, when?
  6. Malleator

    The truth is out there

  7. Malleator

    Dear Alex: A message from the player base

    I would reprimand you for this behavior, but the sheer importance of blitz in the current meta keeps my lips sealed. I wonder if PnW will ever be moved to AWS or will ever leave Alex's basement.
  8. Malleator

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    Hopefully Gandalf (BK) doesn't show up at the end of this, though. Here's to hoping no one activates the MDP agreement, and we can have a nice isolated war.
  9. Malleator

    Thumbs up, Boards down

    We all know that KETOGG and Chaos are just mad that their war didn't qualify for a global, so they're just gonna keep pulling new people in until it does.
  10. Malleator

    My last request after deleted my nation

    Absolute mad lad.
  11. Malleator

    The Final Great Job! Ft Alex

    Question you should ask Alex, "How does it feel being hated by literally everyone?"
  12. Malleator

    Reporting myself

    Paying to win mechanics and the people who use them disgust me, and I wish both were removed from the game.
  13. Malleator

    Guilt by association?

    Post pics of the feet of both you and your brother with timestamp to prove you're different people.
  14. Malleator

    The Pantheon situation

    I disagree, Pantheon was isolated and everyone was waiting to see who would jump on them. Nova was just the first alliance to do so. Pantheon's fate was sealed, Nova and company was just the executioner.
  15. Malleator

    This was obviously drafted before Alex's announcement

    F Long live Pantheon. Dance on the grave of Nova and Nova gov. Congrats to The Hanseatic League for getting into top 50.

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