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  1. I wouldn't describe this as a dev team, but perhaps a think tank. Also don't see the difference between this and submitting game suggestions.
  2. @Alex, it's not the players fault your broken game makes it so mechanically losing wars isn't a big deal. They're fighting and winning the wars according to YOUR OWN GAME MECHANICS. This isn't war slot filling, they're simply playing the game, and if you don't like how they're playing the game, maybe get off your lazy butt and FIX YOUR GAME for once instead of over-moderating it and enforcing crap rules... Enforcing your crap rules poorly at that!
  3. Yes, the entirety of NPO was infected with the sheep virus and the culture overall was seeped with a certain brand of cultism and communism.
  4. Not only are they signing treaties, but they're signing ODoAP treaties.
  5. Haha, server make error, me make thread
  6. Despite being a misogynist, I still saw Adrienne as a character befitting the title of Queen... Benfro however has more of a presentation of court jester if anything... Keep in mind I say this without knowing either, but still... First impressions are important Benfro, and you're slacking off day one.
  7. Unfortunately, Alex is a coward and won't let downvotes effect the reputation. 😕
  8. YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS, FINALLY, JUSTICE!!! God, I have such a backlog of stuff to downvote.
  9. disband and merge into BK
  10. Panthon Numba One USA
  11. Kowtow or die. IQ enforced such policies.
  12. Reread what I typed.
  13. ... Okay, on one hand we have GPWC isn't allowed... On the other hand we have official PnW pornography services are allowed... Boys, I'm thinking we need to change some rules around.
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