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  1. According to the alliances list, IQ make up almost half of the top ten alliances.
  2. I would like to assert that such a strawman isn't sufficient evidence to say, without a doubt, my intention was to slot fill and protect the nations I'm at war with from being attacked. My intention from the beginning was to loot them regardless of what you say. If I had to make a suggestion, I would say those who want to find slot fillers should wait until after the war is over to determine whether or not a war was a slot fill. A few ineffective attacks in what will be a sea of effective attacks in the end are simply insufficient and in the end inconsequential relative to how long wars can truly last
  3. I would like to add, if I truly was slot filling, which I'm not, I don't see what I would gain by making it so obvious knowing full well there is an epidemic of mass reports this war. These are raids with a few experimental attacks. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  4. Oh, in that case I made a mistake and should have done a raid war. It was my honest belief that the defender in a raid war did more infrastructure damage than a defender in an ordinary war.
  5. I didn't want to lose my infra, and as I said, those lost battles are of no consequence in the bigger picture of the goal of winning of the war.
  6. I declared to get loot, and I was confident that I would win against zero soldiers, so I decided taking the time to run some quick tests was an acceptable risk. I was of course testing to see if I could get an immense victory with minimum soldiers versus zero soldiers, like with ships. Rest assured that the war isn't over, and I plan on fighting valiantly now that my few field tests are over. And as such am not slot filling. Thank you for your concern in my wars. I can rest easy knowing that good men such as yourself are combing all wars looking for evil doers.
  7. i thought IQ fully embraced the role of villain though?
  8. I would honestly prefer this over biased articles. If it is your sincere goal to remake the article into a proper state that is objective, unbiased as possible, and a true documentation of history, I will not only welcome your attempts but thank you for your effort.
  9. Some of our new friends may not be accustomed to our culture of accepting that the wiki is a neutral/objective ground and not to be so blatantly biased and propagandized. I just want to preserve PnW history more than anything; troll on the forums all you want, attack my nation, call me names, I don't care, but I love viewing and reading natsim history, and the thought of looking back ten years from now only to see subjectivity running amok in what should be a place of objectivity just tears me up. Please, if one thing is spared in this crusade of destruction, let it be the wiki.
  10. This has been tried, but a certain group kept reverting the changes.
  11. Here's the most recent receipt if you really want it. [14.01.2020, 00:32:34] KrisWolfe: I dont really play this game. More like destroy it and ruin it for everyone. [14.01.2020, 00:32:55] KrisWolfe: And then use my labors as bullet points on my resume Codes: 666514981721735168, 666515068011151391 Now can we please address the topic of wiki bias?
  12. A man in a crowd says, "The murderer is greasy no life scum," and suddenly someone yells, "Why are you accusing me of murder?"
  13. Currently the game rewards mechanically losing wars so much that losing wars is actually desirable. The very fact that people want to lose wars mechanically is the clearest possible sign that the current war system is completely and absolutely broken. In my opinion, almost anything would be better than what we have now, and yes, that includes this suggestion. Additionally, the only big problem I see with this suggestion is the safe mode. As the suggestion currently stands, a nation isn't guaranteed the chance to enter safe mode it seems as before they get the chance, they could get declared on or have their wars staggered out.
  14. I think we can all agree that proper and objective documentation of PnW history is a pursuit that is right. The wiki isn't or at least shouldn't be a vehicle for propaganda, agendas, or excessive bias. As someone who has been interested in natsim history and developments for a long time, seeing a wiki page like this: https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Leak_War is very concerning. Forcing the name of the global so soon isn't a great thing to do, especially assigning such an inflammatory name such as, "The Fash Bash Festival." Describing any side of the war in any positive or negative light is a sign of bias and strays from objectivity. Describing the sides as"The long antiquated empires" and "scrappy young rebellions" is an example of this. Needless and propagandist conjecture such as, "Hoping to take the power vacuum that was held by the now-defunct coalitions," also has no place on the wiki, nor does the complete redaction or corruption of facts and events, many of which are completely missing from the linked page. I'm no fool and realize the identity of those who have done this. They are those who have the self proclaimed objective of destroying this game and forcing many off it, but in my honest opinion, corrupting the objective documentation and history of anything is an act most foul and natsims deserve better than that. It used to be that documentation on the wiki on globals was generally neutral and objective, and I do not want to see any group strong arm their propaganda into any article, at least not to this degree.
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