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  1. Reminder that Mythic never signed an end for NPO's Last Time. Take out the trash, tEST!
  2. Sry... But... Goose is giving me goon vibes
  3. Are you stating to the judges that your ad specifically targets people who go out of their way to research and join random poorly organized and presented alliances? Targets who are also willing to deal with the poor potential applicant welcoming format? If this is the case, we'll be willing to increase the score based off the fact that it does indeed appeal to this extremely specific target audience.
  4. 3.5/10 Normally the extremely barebones approach would get a lower score, but the judges felt it necessary to bump you up far higher than usual, as we believe that the core idea of a missing page is interesting, but unfortunately it was poorly executed in that who to contact is left ambiguous, there's no direction to a Discord link, and to new comers, who exactly is recruiting with this post isn't clear as it could quite possibly be a random spam post titled error 404 as a joke; furthermore, our judges have taken it upon themselves to review your applicant system, and they have found it w
  5. Looking forward to CotL's disbandment post within the following days.
  6. 2.5/10 Gonna have to reduce your score. After speaking with the judges, we came to the conclusion that what we originally thought was an attempt at being approachable via feigning incompetence was actually just incompetence. This is evident in not being able to imagine the formatting without digital assistance and not getting the joke. We did however decide that the reduction shouldn't be too harsh as previous mistakes were fixed, yet they were fixed poorly so this still only went so far.
  7. 3/10 Poorly formatted, little elaboration on benefits, and no statement on the actual name of the alliance. I gave points for at least giving a Discord link and attempting a theme, even if it's not your original IP.
  8. My god, I can't believe you remembered the bad joke, S.wamp H.edge T.jest. As in the SHT War.
  9. I thought this already happened.
  10. Combining our micro powers... We become a slightly less micro, micro!
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