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  1. fishtopia stands at the ready to enforce stringent economic sanctions
  2. me staring at RON's predatory lottery that aims to take advantage of people and exploit them for profit
  3. duplicate thread. please put all regards and comments involving paragon here.
  4. After much thought and deliberation, I have made the final decision to disband Paragon, for good. Back when it was first created, it was just a place for me and my friends. One of the few places where you could !@#$ around, avoid finding out, and really just be themselves. Although the first iteration may have ended during the formation of HoF, now better known as KT, in that short timespan I have never enjoyed this godforsaken game more; which just reminds me of how awful this game is now. Thank you to Ducc, Hari, Hughes, Vero (rip), Ramona, Liberty (rip), BSK, Elefante, Zurg (now V), and Harper for making this place truly special. As for me, I do not know what my future here looks like yet; but I believe that this chapter will be closed sooner rather than later. Until then, I would like to leave you all with one final piece of wisdom; something that represents what Paragon tried to be, and what I believe we all should aspire to become. Paragon is more than just an alliance. Paragon is a people and a purpose. It is a brotherhood of common players who wish to make some noise and have fun during times of peace and conflict, but also serve a higher purpose by contributing value and meaning to the game around them. Thus, Paragon is an alliance guided and held together by the central values of a true community, where those within make sacrifices for one another and stand together even in the most adverse of events. - Yang, first and last leader TL;DR: Paragon disbands, effective immediately.
  5. on the more complicated side could be bookie betting and/or pvp poker against other players whatever gives me something to do while i wait for our inevitable dogpile
  6. bold of you to assume they would even consider fighting one another when they could team up and crush everyone else
  7. when you have a wordcount minimum but you have no idea what to say
  8. which one of us is pushing that narrative
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