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  1. Isn't this... literally Syndi in a nutshell? I hope you aren't *that* oblivious to what the rest of the game thinks of you guys. Inb4 "we don't care what the rest of the game thinks"; that wasn't the point, nor was I asking "if" you care.
  2. I won't deny that that's a fair point beyond many others
  3. I don’t think we are? If it sounds nonsensical to you, it’s because we aren’t actually “crying foul”
  4. I see dates and times in my log. Sort of tricky to say which was first, but it’s also hard to get around “what if Clock hits Rose”, “that would alleviate concerns”. Maybe I am wrong, it’s legit hard to tell without dates and times
  5. “We need help” vs “we will hit rose if it helps you”
  6. How do you approach someone with a deal, and then “leak” it to the subject party, and frame it as you knowing how Keegoz operates? Wasn’t the plan to hit Rose, suggested, by you, and we only agreed to it? I might not have the full context, but, you’re saying you came with a deal, and then leaked it because you know how scummy, Keegoz is?
  7. You sure you read what he actually said?
  8. Knowing HoF was going to leave, and doubting that even if they stayed that we had a chance against HW or r0$e; that's the "equal footing"? Enjoy fighting the same war, over, and over, and over.
  9. Was an honest pleasure working with The Hive/UL; we're ecstatic that we could come to a quick and painless peace, and I personally hope they do well and have good fortune
  10. For times sake, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. The Clock bloc has agreed to White Peace with the former members of The Andromeda bloc. Both parties recognize the good fight, and have acknowledged a more mutually beneficial path, going forward. "TERMS" 1. No new wars will be permitted to be declared between the parties mentioned above after 5-27-2022's DC. 2. Any currently ongoing wars will be permitted to end in whatever fashion the attacker/defender wish to pursue. This White Peace has been discussed, acknowledged, and agreed upon by the following bodies and their respective members: (*Art courtesy of Minesome) Clock, on behalf of Test, and all Protectorates, and all Extensions and those associated, CATA Co-Leader: HisHolyDecagon Co-Leader: TigerFire 2iC/Foreign Affairs: Keegoz Foreign Affairs: Cadn Eclipse Co-Leader: Pascal Co-Leader: Vein Aurora First Explorer: Kan0601 First Explorer: ToxicPepper Second Explorer: Alex Chairman of FA: Xi Jinping Chairman of MA: Jacob Knox Weeb General Secretary: Empiur 2iC/Head of FA: Anri On behalf of The Hive, Conscience - MinesomeMC Conscience - Alexio Conscience - Caboose Neuron of Fear - Church On behalf of Unforgiven Legion, Revan - Unforgiven Emperor Drekkza - Unforgiven Emperor Rexar - Unforgiven Emperor
  11. Glad to see people break things down to the mathematical level. I’ve been personally trying to wrap my head around “how” to fix, or address this problem, and the only thing that even resembled some sense of logic, was by also lowering the score impact of military units. If you need another example, Cataclysm has a c16, right now, who is fighting a c33. Not as extreme as your example, admittedly, but not that far off. You also nailed the area regarding “how do we fight a winning war”, which I don’t think many people consider at all. As the opponent is getting lower and lower infra, and military units, they just begin to slowly drop out of range, but on their way down, they’ll ironically face the same situation you laid out here; being able to do more and more outlandish, and extreme downdeclares.
  12. It's beautiful; not just the clock, but, the overall concept of it. Time, slowly ticking away, second by second, day by day. It's unrelenting, unending, and has no thought, opinion, or bias. It ticks away, all the same. This clock in particular is a work of art. It defies common convention, and makes the viewer wonder, "where will I be, when the clock keeps ticking". Truthfully though, there is no answer, for we are all unimportant, and as our lives pass us by, the clock, well... the clock will always, keep ticking.
  13. You don’t have to speak slowly; it’s more of it just being wildly unrealistic, so I don’t usually tease the impractical ideas that are used as justification or a “way to solve it” for others.
  14. And, with the two parties involved being the only parties who could plausibly “kick the shit out of” each other, I’m grasping at a good narrative here, please help
  15. We’re responding to what was said, by HW gov itself. I’ll take a stab in the dark and assume you didn’t listen to Thalmors show, and I’d recommend or encourage you and others listen to it? Hard to make things up on our end, when it’s the other side saying things. I still think there’s some misinterpretation, lol. We’re not sitting here with a “Ah shucks, we’re the chainers now!”. There’s nothing but glee, and excitement on Clock’s side. A treaty is an agreement between two parties. All treaties ingame are “time limited”, and inb4 someone says “they don’t activate unless someone hits them”, yes, congratulations for understanding how all treaties work. Call it a deal, an accepted offer, an arrangement, and then look up synonyms for the word Treaty. I also wonder why either party to this treaty actually even cares if the other is hit, really weird to think about that
  16. Apparently quivering enough to sign with the only obvious opponent. It’s not about “us” getting our way; it’s about HW being quite vocal about wanting or enticing Clock to hit them, and when people start militarizing, there’s a cuddle group formed in the fake veil of safety, and it’s perpetuated as an anti-chaining resolve. Pointing out what people perceive, is not moaning and groaning, by the way. If that’s the case, then you guys are all doing the same via treaty. Saying “Well if you aren’t going to hit HW or ro$e, it doesn’t matter”, is a fallacy statement and everyone knows it. I can flip it by saying “You’re not worried about Clock’s quote-unquote little drama, so why sign with ro$e?”. It’s a double standard, and a fake attempt to appear right or to be justified.
  17. Still not sure how *more* high infra targets, deters low infra chaining. This treaty doesn’t force anyone to not chain, or to play by HW or ro$e’s rules. This is like fully slotting a low infra pirate and thinking you “win” because of a victory screen at the end. Sort of makes sense given that I’m under the impression that TKR practices that exact same thing. I truly think if chaining is a concern, that adding more people with high infra to lose is the exact opposite of a deterrent lol. I don’t know which genius thought this up, but next time, please think about the math beforehand
  18. "We brought in more high infra nations to deter the low infra alliances"
  19. Is this a "We formed this alliance and don't have much, and the market prices are increasing" kind of thing, or, am I not recognizing a troll post?
  20. I’ve never quite seen such an impressive array of staff
  21. Hey, you're active again? You realize... Keegoz is a c38, right? He's literally 8 cities higher than you, advocating for something so someone larger than him, can't downdeclare on you.
  22. Cataclysm appreciates this gesture and whole heartedly is grateful for the opportunity to surrender with our pride, and nations, intact.
  23. TFW people don't understand that a net of +1, *on top of the +1 you CURRENTLY have*, is 2. e.g. "I have 14/15 project slots." "Let's buy the new project slot, project!" "Oh wow, I now have 15/17 project slots!" It takes 1 slot, gives you two more *on top of that*
  24. 1. I do like the idea of a war expiring after x amount of turns due to inactivity 2. I don’t think rewarding the winners of a war, which could also be from an expired war, with 25% effectiveness or whatever it was, is a good idea. This would affect much more than the initial blitz. It affects counter attacks, raiders, people wanting to just rejoin any war at all 3. Leaving beige early, as others have mentioned, shouldn’t be penalized imo. (my numbers do not correlate with the OP’s numbers, FYI)
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