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  1. The Pedatstanpedople Accord has 2 very simple underlying principles. The first is the concept of open communication and dialogue between all members, and the members in leadership positions. Requesting help will not be some desperate plea, but rather a much simpler process. Help (Either economic aid, or war declarations on attacking nations) can be requested on the grounds of 3 things Economic Hardship due to a war declared, unprovoked, by another party (Running out of funds or resources) Military hardship due to a war declared, unprovoked, by another party (Running out of troops or will loose war if something not done) General, faith based, request to the alliance In this case the Security Council will review the request and vote upon what should be done If the vote passes with a majority of the vote than assistance will be granted The second principle of the accord is that if any nation gets attacked by another nation, we have the obligation to join the conflict, if possible, or to assist in some capacity militarily so that your nation does not collapse, either economically by aid or by declaring war upon the nation that attacked an ally. Even if the war was in response to an attack you performed on someone else, all member nations are expected to contribute (either militarily or economically) if you get attacked by another nation. Taxes and things of that nature There will be 3 tax brackets based upon city count anyone below 5 cities This tax bracket pays 3% in resources and 3% in monetary taxes Anyone between 5 and 10 cities This tax bracket pays 5% in resources and 4% in monetary Taxes Anyone above 10 cities This tax bracket pays 7% in resources and 5% In monetary taxes Of course any of these numbers can change should the member nations request a vote, and they pass a resolution to change the taxes. This vote does require the security council to approve it before it goes into effect. All issues can be raised and voted upon in the general assembly discord which is linked on the alliance page. The security council will consist of all officer nations and the top 3 nations will have VETO power. If two of the three top nations veto a resolution, it will fail, OR if the Leader nation VETOs it will fail Temporarily. If only the leader nation vetos, then two thirds majority vote of all nations is required to override veto. But if TWO top security top 3 nations veto, there is no official way to override that. The General Secretary (Second in command) Is appointed by the Master Secretary (Leader), but the Secretaries (Officers) are voted upon by the counselors (Members) of the alliance. Security council positions will change except the top 3 which can be voted upon once enough members join the alliance, about 10 The security council is made up of all Secretaries, the Grand Secretary, and the Master Secretary. The TOP 3 is made up of the Master Secretary, The Grand Secretary, and the Top Secretary on the council
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