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  1. Good luck and you guys better have a good western song as your anthem https://youtu.be/zzICMIu5zFY
  2. After defeating the religious order and their ally they submit to the forces of RIE and DR 1. The Holy Seas recognizes the Raccoon Pope is more divine than the priest of the order 2. The Rakatan Inifinite Empire reaffirms its right to piracy 3. RIE/DR and the holy Seas sign a 1 month NAP. All wars can be finished or peaced out to members discretion Signed Supreme Predor MH Speedy and Heir Apparent Duluth Godfather Nacho and Underboss Arcturus Arch Bishop Greene Commander Alan
  3. A lone Rakatan ship travels through hyperspace on a voyage into the unknown. The captain hears the gravitational anomaly alarm go off and tries to steer the ship away from the unknown anomaly only for it to send the ship flying out of hyperspace to land on a small planet. He checks his information on this planet. It's a relatively unknown planet. All that is given is a name used by the inhabitants, Earth. Deciding to stop for supplies he sends an expedition to the primitive planet to see if they have anything of use. What they find shocks them. A small band of weak militarists who could be called a doomsday cult fighting off a religious order. They are impressed at the cultist after watching them drive off the large order and decides they must be capable warriors. They find what looks like a leader of the religious order out on his own and seize him to learn about all that transpires. They learn the religious order of Lazurus is but a feeble heresy that must be cleansed. Tldr The Rakatan Infinite Empire Declares war on 770 and Sanctuary Signed Supreme Predor MH Speedy Heir Apparent Duluth
  4. Nice DOW. Can’t wait for KT to loot those massive chocolate safes I’ve heard about
  5. Good luck dude. Hope your future endeavors are fruitful
  6. Didn’t you just leave an already failing alliance where you tried to start stuff with my alliance?
  7. Cool beans. Can’t wait to share what you guys do next
  8. you clearly don't understand how treaties work and I do not appreciate this FA situation you have put me in. Your a one man micro. Stop acting like anything more till you are
  9. News to me too Alan. @LunaHD You weren't wanted in on this anyways and I don't know what makes you think you can enter the war and negotiate peace on our behalf This is false. You should edit this to say you are seeking peace. You don't represent the other alliances
  10. Your blood was spilled for TIE and for that I am grateful. RIE is not TIE tho
  12. You do realize that the majority of TIE is already in RIE right?
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