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    To use a phrase to sum up my experience: "Not what I expected." I am a bit of a CyberNations Vet, started there in 2007 - I've always known of GPA, I think I was even a diplomat to them through a few alliances - I can't think that far back though. As we all know, GPA is the premier neutral alliance in Politics & War - when someone says neutral, you think GPA. I feel like we all enter this world (orbis) with the intentions of war, hate neutrals, war WAR WAR! But...aren't we all a little neutral in our own ways? Look at GPA - they get raided, they fight back - what alliance doesn't do that? They build up a military right? They have nukes? Hell! They've even engaged in war...so what the [email protected]#$ is this whole neutral thing about?! To me; to be neutral it is to refrain from politics and engagements that would draw in my fellow alliance mates and quite obviously my alliance. It is to protect my members from world politics and not let slip our bullets should we not favor the current global status quo. Neutral is to be equivalent with voluptuous growth. What is neutral to you? I asked this to GPA members and I was quite taken back from the replies. After years of putting the glow of GPA out of my sight and labeling GPA as useless...I feel as though GPA isn't the giant green monster as we are born to believe. - - - - - - - - "Now for me GPA is about playing the game differently from almost any AA out there...It's about solidarity with fellow members and knowing whatever comes GPA will be there after the dust settles again." - Kalev60 "I guess I've always just felt drawn to the idea of neutrality in my real life so it appealed to me in this game - if that makes any sense. While being neutral is a part of why I'm still in this alliance in the first place an ever bigger part of my continued membership in the GPA is the people and the community." - Godfrey "I want to tell you I am a proud member of the GPA and with [sic] stand in arms with my brothers and sisters through anything. I could never leave the GPA after all I have been through with her. Long live the GPA, my online family, and the Green menace." - Little Lloyd - - - - - - - - There you have it. Personally, I loved my time here in GPA. I would recommend GPA to anyone who is looking for a solid, active community. I found their forums eady to navigate, the community was extremely easy going (and fun) and they are always looking for ways to improve what they currently have and make it even better. Most alliances do this - quite clearly - but the active support I saw in each thread was amazing - I was also able to voice my own opinions and being new - I was treated like a member of the community right off the bat. Well done GPA. What I think GPA can improve on is getting their story heard around the world. What I mean is, I would like to see some more branding, a bit more GPA visually in advertisements and other propaganda to boost the image of this great alliance. There also needs to be a bit more patriotism - you have the theme, logo, style...now reach for the stars GPA. Thank you to GPA for allowing me to reside in their quarters for this week. I wholeheartedly had a great time and I wish GPA all the best in the years to come. o/ For now, I am jumping on a flight back to Isla Nublar - InGen - thanks to Edsel. I'll be flying in a Concorde from the Flemish Government - I should arrive at mainland in about 2 hours. Thank you Edsel for being more than generous. (and thanks for not forcing me to do questionaires/forms!) RIP to Plenica Wake Up South America Alliance InGen Here I come.
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    Translated to English: Lucia Svadin: "Hello, I'm Lucia Svadin, and the 1999 Khevinist elections are coming up. Our political correspondent Masood Chownyk will tell us more." Masood Chownyk: "Thank you Lucia. The election season has began for Khevin. Vladimir Zhogin is expected to win yet again, but we have some newcomers. I'll put up a visual about the political parties stances on the 5 major issues of Khevin." Political Parties Social Democratic Union Guns: Enforce compulsory gun ownership. Gay rights: Legal War tactics: Organized, conventional warfare Porn: Legal Torture: Allow the death penalty instead Liberal Party Guns: Strict gun control Gay rights: Legal War tactics: No war Porn: Legal Torture: No torture or death penalty Conservative Party Guns: Illegal Gay rights: Legal War tactics: War destroys the environment Porn: Legal Torture: Use quick and painless death penalty instead Zhoginist Party Guns: Illegal Gay rights: Illegal War tactics: Guerilla Warfare Porn: Illegal Torture: Legal, make it worse The new party, the Fascist Party They will not reveal their policies yet. Lucia Svadin: "Thank you Masood. Everybody have a great day and pray for those fighting in Guevaran."
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