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  2. Imagine still being that buttmad months down the road.
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  4. The Wiki Mods aren't even accepting that as a War name for some stupid reason Kev.
  5. Taking Out the Garbage War.
  6. Unconditional Surrender The Never Ending War The Stupid War The Sell All Your Infra Because You Are A Stupid Sheep And Prefer To Submit Right Out Of The Gates First to Stupid Ideas From Stupid People Who Don't Know How To Count Or Plan Then To Your Enemy War. The Cheater's War The Whatever It's Over War The Broke War
  7. Dear Earthbound Humans, With little effort, the Darwinium of Slugs landed on the Moon in the early hours of February 22nd, 2020. Motivated by a desire to be counted among the nations who strove, as a matter of national pride, to declare that they had made a landing, Goramn Buck Turgidson, who more often refers to his selfs in the second person, donned his aluminum hat, strapped into his seat, and left the surely bonds of the Earth with the deft click of his Deathadder Elite. He took a moment to remember the contribution his MX518 made to earlier efforts in propulsion and warhead delivery technology that made this moment possible. Here is one of the first photos he took from the surface: The rest of the pictures look eerily similar. A sharp-eyed observer will note that there is literally no one else there. Therefore, this picture proves that all who "landed" before the Great Darwinium of Slugs were lying. Rumours are that they filmed their missions in an abandoned hangar in Hollywood - OJ Simpson even made a movie about it. Even the good folks at the History Channel agree that what I say may be true. Thus, in a mix of surprise, disappointment, and elation, Goramn Buck Turgidson hereby accuses all landings before that of Slugkind to be elaborate hoaxes, and claims the first bona fide Moon Landing. To mark the occasion, we are especially delighted to have installed a permanent solar-powered radio station in honour of the first such hoaxer, as they inspired us to actually achieve this great feat. The inscription on is reads "FREZASAN" and it plays this song on an infinite loop: Thank you for your attention. I hope this clears things up. You may now return to your mud.
  8. Say it again for my brothers and sisters in the back!
  9. Tree Fiddy upvotes
  10. I'd downvote, if I could, so you have my thanks friend.
  11. I honestly miss the old days where there was no karma at all. You wanted to agree or disagree, you typed it out. Get back to simulating politics and stop simulating facebook.
  12. It also stopped you having to have threads where people just repeat that they don't like something multiple times.
  13. definitely need downvotes back, there is nothing negative about it. Its a very easy way for the shy community to disagree to someones suggestion without putting themself forward.
  14. Pretty soon they’ll be getting rid of upvotes as to not make anyone upset they didn’t get an upvote while someone else did. Dont wanna offend anyone in our snowflake society.
  15. Switching off negative karma is definitely a better solution than switching off the ability to show disagreement with someone's post.
  16. I dont want downvotes back. But I cant downvote this post to show my dissent. Guess I will have to upvote it.
  17. Downvotes have always been one of the most important pinnacles of forum interactions, most notably as an easy and quick way to disagree with someone's message and make your disagreement easily known to the world. In light of the recent outbursts of new game change suggestions popping everywhere around us, I believe it is now more important than ever to have them back. Surely this is universally supported by the great majority of our community, and I see no reason why should we not have them. If we're concerned about negative karma farming, just turn it off. Not like anyone cares for that anyway. If we're concerned about people's feelings because of a downvote.. well. Tough it out. Or rename "Downvote" to "Disagree". Make your support known by upvoting this suggestion. If you disagree.. well, tough luck for you, we don't have the downvotes.. yet.
  18. An urban legend says that anyone who chants the words "Charlie Traveler" three times in front of a mirror will summon a vengeful spirit.
  19. Lelouch lightly chuckled before returning the greeting to the witches. "It's a pleasure to meet you all today, it's been sometime since our countries met like this." he kept his composure as he addressed the group of witches in front of him. "I'm sure you already know who I am, as well as my partner C.C" he said as he gestured towards C.C who gave a light smirk in return as she leaned back at Lambdaelta. "I could say the same thing to you kitty cat." she replied in a joking manner to lighten the mood
  20. Keegoz

    Bye bye!

    Almost like when you do shady shit, people don't like you. Cya
  21. wut wich one 😧 am i doin it wrong 😕 this is wat i get for being inactive for so long ok found it 😕 rawr
  22. i need a gracias reaction 😐 anyway add the new projects to the api and watever other new things to the api rawr
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