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The Hollywood/Roasis War has concluded

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After this war I have a better opinion of:

-the weeaboos



I have a worse opinion of:

-Dark Brotherhood

The others are stable

So 3 vs 1 (just like the war), my opinion of our rivals went up

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If we're discussing planes vs tanks, I think what everyone can agree upon is that tanks are the preferred downdeclare tool when otherwise viable. Tanks deal about 8% (around 7% damage to tanks, 9% damage to soldiers) per attack. When ground control is obtained, they deal about 8.37% damage to aircraft per tank per city.


The functional dispute, however, is whether tanks are viable against planes in an updeclare scenario. This was a contested issue that was never fully trialed.


In simulations, because air superiority was near guaranteed for the updeclarer in a standard updec scenario, tanks generally weren't dealing enough damage and had difficulty obtaining ground control. With rebuys, often the tank attacker took up to two days before the defender lost enough tanks that ground control was viable.


In actual practice, an Aurora task force erroneously engaged a Hedgemoney nation on the ground. This task force actually failed to break through, although other factors were extant (counters, some guy opening up with a naval).


In other words, for downdecs, ground attacks with full tanks was the preferred strategy. However, for updecs, the evidence suggested, but not proved, that plane updecs were more effective than tank updecs.




You ultimately have to remember WHY plane strat was a thing in the first place. As it turns out, target aircraft / dogfight airstrikes are broken. Even with highly inferior forces, you're still dealing a ridiculous level of damage to air in a dogfight airstrike. This is why Mensa adopted plane strat in the first place, then IQ either copied or had Mensa defectors train them in such in the technique. This is why plane strat in the updeclare is still much preferred (unless you have a reasonable chance of getting ground control or keeping the opponent's air superiority foiled).



As for slot filling, Rose coalition suffered greatly from slot fills.


Likewise, complaining about the Rose coalition using a hybrid strategy of max mil / max planes (even if the strategy was poorly implemented) shows a general ignorance of how tier warfare is supposed to work.


Re a 3:1 ratio, in the pre-tanks era, 2:1 was often capable of producing a successful updec at normal ranges. In the modern era, with weakened score compression and the tank / plane asymmetry, 3:1 was effectively necessary. Some tactics were capable of reducing the load of 3:1 in order to obtain successful updeclares, but these tactics aren't viable in "pure" updeclares where all your assets are below and all the targets are above.




@James Ironwood

Akuryo is known to be highly aggressive and !@#$y. Officially, he was removed from CoTL government as part of the fallout from the [email protected]#$ accusations vs T$, but I'd imagine the Inst-level FA attitude (although I don't prefer shitting on people randomly) contributed to the removal.


One needn't take Akuryo too seriously, but in combination with an alliance trolling together, Akuryo's more of a problem.




DB impressed me slightly by not ditching and continuously attacking. It was more disappointing when their boys came in to slot fill. Then again, I held DB in a lower estimation to begin with than you did.


What WTF did to impress you should be quite obvious, since WTF actually fought aggressively all war, although I was quite irritated at their slot fills. Rose and Weebunism, in contrast, are greater questions as to what they did to impress you. Rose was actually disappointing to me, the Rose - KT war was fairly good when it came to coordination (the blitz was excellent, and seemingly caught KT off guard, despite KT claims otherwise), but the war response this time around was significantly worse.


Regarding Weebunism, I wasn't paying much attention.

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On 6/17/2021 at 3:43 PM, hidude45454 said:


(Side note, very rare you should ever be accepting peace on a defensive slot, shortens your time in beige and frees up critical slots for the opponent to declare on more people)


Can confirm, was fun to have people accept peace with someone ready to immediately take the slot 😎 @lancelot1

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