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[Counter-Counter-Counter Coup] The Chocolate Revolutions

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"Democracy is indispensable to socialism."

Quoting the wise words from our eternal leader, we express our sincere gratitude to @Psweet, @Adrienne and @Lossi for instating a perfect environment for our coup to succeed.

As we have foreseen, a counter coup was nothing else but imminent. We have taken precautionary measures, and have left a line in the code on which Bodice runs. When the code started running, there was nothing else left to stop it.
I announce that Emmi, Rei and Bodice have fallen in the democrats' desperate actions to protect their flimsy institution.

People's Republic of Chocolate Castle Government:

General Secretary: @Luna Moonfang
Head of Economy: @Psweet
 (you'll never escape the game mwahahahaha)
Head of Internal Affairs: @Daveth
Head of Defence: @Clown

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