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Captain's Log : Stardate 4597.63


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Our USS Endeavor has been in low planetary orbit for over 110 days now.

This earthly familiar planet named by its inhabits Orbis, has served as a fruitful home of political dynamics thus far.

Our attention has been allocated toward the approach of another large starship. Upon contact with the captain/s we have identified them as an ancient race of peaceful beings known as The Jedi Order.


Animation Domination and The Jedi Order

Animation Domination opens its defense council once more, Here we shall present each other a mutual prosperity and luxury exclusive to our closest allies.

Optional Defense Pact

Article I : Defense Cooperation

The signatories of this treaty agree to enter council for a fluent and open delivery of defense request. This request is an optional fulfillment at the discretion of either alliance.


Article II : Non Aggression

Animation Domination and The Jedi Order are bound by this clause of Non-Aggression. Neither alliances will engage in warfare against one another.


Article III : Termination

The signatories of this treaty agree that upon termination of this treaty by either party a notification 48 hrs before finalization is mandatory.



Animation Domination

??_?????666 ?                   


Sɨɍ Đᵾmƀ??                      


The Jedi Order

William Wallace

    Jack Heanly

  Snjar Dreki


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