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Acceptance, Truth, and Apology - A Hopeful Conclusion to the War of Confusion

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Hello everyone, I am happy that the war for the USU is concluding. All wars against the NPO and GCB have been stalled or made peaceful, I have notified all of my members to declare peace to officially end the war for USU. However we do still support the Avansies (diplomatically), but I wish they would be more diplomatic and negotiate a mature end to their war like we did.

      This conflict started when I was raided by a member of the GCB, I do admit to overreacting about it by contacting my allies for support, but I feel I was justified because we have no tolerance for raiding.There is also a stigma that we are an alliance that raids, all raids on alliances is strictly prohibited. Now my alliance is beginning to build back up again and I am happy for that, so I would like to apologize for any wrongdoing I or the USU have ever done. 



I hope that peace and diplomacy can be made for the future stability of Orbis,

Sean the Great

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