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  1. i am on team "i dont give a shit about the captcha one way or another" but lmao if u think its stopping botting at all
  2. did you get banned from our discord already lol
  3. Bingo, is that disabled by default? I don't recall changing it
  4. I am reasonably sure that there is an issue with the player ad system after checking the list of all ads, i realised there's a fair few in there that i've never seen rotate before so I sat on the homepage and refreshed 100 times and each time only saw the same half a dozen or so ads on rotation, less then half of total player ads
  5. 'cory in the house is an anime' is at BEST 2012 material please make better posts in the future
  6. there has been one good anime and it is hamtaro
  7. peace has finally come to orbis and war will never return @Alex please rename this game to "Politics and Baseball" tia
  8. new currency idea: good posts directly tied to forums every nation not in GOON sphere immediately bankrupt lol
  9. As a bird enthusiast this has shocked and upset me @Buggus I expect reparations for your faction's crimes
  10. why are you effortposting nobody is going to believe you your time is better spent cranking the hog to underage anime girls who are actually battleships or whatever the frick
  11. Bugs creep me out but they are an important part of the ecosystem so power on little dudes I wont squish u
  12. Forsteri

    peace talks

    the ice cream is called ben & jerrys are ben and jerry the exact same size is it truly 50% ben and 50% jerry I think jerry is a little bit bigger edit: what about bed bath & beyond is it 50% bedbath and 50% beyond @Micchan
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