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  1. Stanley had a dream about giant purple penises which he learned about first-hand. As he farted and thought about
  2. nope, this one has more potential than those two, btw, nice too meet you! ~Lucy <3
  3. Wishing you a happy life of honor.
  4. Actually i would loved to have "technology", it will make the game more realistic, You can't expect a nation with 60 Mirages to defeat a nation with 20 F-22s
  5. Actually that's the most amazing thing about this game, you don't have to sit hours on your pc, The slow pace allows the people who have a "life" to play without wasting a lot of precious times, And this is a "Nation Sim" which means you have a virtual nation to lead, and you can't expect a country to grow into a superpower in one day, Plus the actual fun of such games exists in things like joining alliances, setting up trade relations, raising an army and going to war, diplomacy etc. And if you want some real time action, why don't you play CoD or something like that?
  6. Sheepy is from another dimension :3
  7. World Domination! Dogs are the best <3
  8. That if not LF, i can bet $1000000 on it, And i don't know who this Dayz guys is, but he certainly has no life, i mean going through all the trouble to make those false screenshots,, he certainly has nothing better to do.......
  9. Count me in(if you let me in i.e lol). We already have a news paper in our alliance, so yeah, <3
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